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MEDDIC for Enterprise Sales = Increased Revenue.

Implementing a sales qualification methodology, like MEDDIC, into your sales process leads to many benefits, so why doesn’t every organization have one implemented? It can be difficult to implement and reinforce, among other reasons. BoostUp simplifies the process, increases sales compliance, and encourages rapid adoption.

Defining Success with Revenue Operations. BoostUp blog.

Defining Success with Revenue Operations.

Revenue Operations is tasked with driving Revenue Excellence. So what’s Revenue Excellence? What is RevOps role in the process and what’s makes up Revenue Excellence. Read our perspective as a revenue intelligence software provider.

Will RevOps = Revenue in 2021?

We all know by now that there is a rise in RevOps – a centralized function that traditionally was siloed across Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and Customer Success Ops. So what does this mean for you? What steps do you need to take now, and what tools are available to assist you in this transformation.

Revenue Excellence in 2021: 4 Stages of Excellence Defined.

Looking to achieve revenue excellence in 2021. Learn more about the transformational impact 2020 has had on sales and revenue teams and why you should look towards achieving revenue excellence in 2021. In this blog, we defined the four stages of excellence.

BoostUp 's Smart Assistance for Reps Dashboard

Feature Spotlight: BoostUp’s Smart Assistant for Reps

With BoostUp’s Smart Assistant,” your sales reps now have a personalized intelligent sales planner that helps them stay on top of their accounts and opportunities. Arm yourself with BoostUp, and your sales team will be more productive and focus on the “right” touchpoints to make each week.

Feature Spotlight: BoostUp Forecast Change Intelligence

Feature Spotlight: BoostUp Forecast Change Intelligence.

The most vexing question that plagues every forecasting meeting is: What changed in the commit and forecast since last week and why? Whose forecast projections have gone up and whose have gone down? Which deals that were in last week are out? Introducing real-time Forecast Change Intelligence from BoostUp.

Forecasting beyond spreadsheets: Iterable transforms its forecasting process and improves accuracy by 25% with BoostUp.

Today, I sat down with Dan Brayton, Senior Director of Operations at Iterable, a company whose growth marketing platform enables brands to create, execute and optimize campaigns across many platforms with unparalleled data flexibility. He shared one of the many use cases that their team is utilizing BoostUp. Today’s focus – “Forecasting.” Let’s dive in.

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