Learn Why Top Companies Choose BoostUp over Clari

BoostUp meets the demands of highly complex, fast-moving, and ever-changing modern organizations by providing a highly customizable and configurable data architecture for digital forecasting, revenue operations, and revenue intelligence. In comparison, Clari's platform is rigid and inflexible and doesn't allow you to customize it to your needs.

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Clari’s History in the Market

Modern Organizations Demand More than the Rigidity of Clari’s Platform

Modern-day digital selling requires unstructured and structured data to provide hyper-flexible, accurate forecasting to meet the needs of each unique customer, and Clari’s inflexible architecture fails to meet these demands.

Email data, unstructured and natural language processing, and true integrations are widely accessible through the newest innovative platforms that have a highly flexible architecture for digital forecasting, revenue operations, and revenue intelligence.

In more recent years, 90 percent of data collection now happens outside of Salesforce, causing software platforms such as Clari that are solely reliant on Salesforce for data collection to fall behind.

Deep Configuration and Customization with BoostUp

When it comes to a forecasting solution, BoostUp is the platform that fits your needs, not the one that corrals you into its limitations.

With BoostUp, quickly and easily build your custom forecasting solution using our custom configuration tool within 24 hours.

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We selected BoostUp over Clari because we found their platform to be extremely customizable. - Vadim Zakiyan, VP Sales Operations, TripActions

BoostUp Goes Beyond Surface-Level Insights To Offer

  • A robust set of features that allows management to see the details rather than the evidence of activity
  • Deep configurability and customization that can be adapted to any team’s needs
  • Visibility into critical data to create better forecasts via trending and pipeline generation insights

A True Partner With BoostUp

BoostUp’s approach to partnerships focuses on building true ROI and generating a positive impact for every user. This necessitates a different view from Clari in both tangible and intangible areas.

A Focus on Ease of Use and Adoption

Every user within an organization, from the executive level to sales managers and reps, customer success, and solutions consulting, finds BoostUp to be highly usable and valuable to their daily work. With an average of 25 minutes of use per user per day across all roles, unlike Clari, BoostUp is not just a tool for leadership.

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Innovation by Engineers

BoostUp was founded by engineers. As we like to say, “We just like building stuff.” We thrive on collecting data, leveraging AI, and building features for our customers. That’s how we can keep up with the rapidly changing world of SaaS and why our customers hail us as the fastest-moving innovator in the category.

At our core, BoostUp is about product and engineering innovation, not professional services. In just three short years, BoostUp has built, tested, and improved a complete platform that includes sales forecasting, pipeline management, sales analytics, deal management, account management, and actionable activity insights. Our platform is faster than Gong, Clari, or any other vendor in the market.

See the Power of BoostUp

BoostUp Custom Sales Forecasting Roll-Ups and Custom Forecast Call Submission Screens


TJ Williams

Chief Revenue Officer | Degreed

The RevOps solution provider we leveraged before never delivered the value we had hoped for. We did a scan of the market and BoostUp had everything that we wanted. It is really simple to use, moved us away from spreadsheets completely, something that sales reps could find a lot of value in, and really helped us in forecasting.

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Kenny Hsu

VP, Revenue Operations | Auditboard

BoostUp was clearly built by people who know what is required to call a forecast. They've put at my fingertips, the intelligence I need to call the right number accurately. With BoostUp, we made a giant leap forward and now have a great handle on our pipeline and calling accurate numbers.

David Groves

VP, Worldwide Field Operations | ContentSquare

After doing our vendor landscape due diligence, BoostUp was the only complete revenue intelligence platform in a market full of point solutions. We needed one connected revenue intelligence solution that solved all our needs - one built for our entire revenue team to drive forecasting, accuracy in our forecast, and scale deal reviews.

Hear from our customers

Marlene Levy

Director of Revenue Operations | Udemy

BoostUp is very customizable and easy to use. You can forecast the way you want. I implemented Clari at my last two companies and am now giving BoostUp a try as we found Clari to miss some key needs year after year.

Noelle S. Uglesic

VP, GTM Strategy & Operations

I've partnered with BoostUp on an implementation that Clari and other vendors struggled to accommodate. BoostUp's platform allowed us to customize everything to our unique needs. The speed of innovation/roadmap delivery and a team that understands our space is unparalleled at BoostUp. Other vendors don't even come close, IMHO. I have a happy team from Operations to Sales now, as everyone is in the system daily and loves it. BoostUp has undoubtedly exceeded my expectation.

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