All-in-one Risk AI Platform that turns Unstructured Data into Actionable Insights
BoostUp analyzes risk at both macro and micro levels - forecast, pipeline, deals and seller behavior - so you can learn and act on those gaps. BoostUp turns prospect conversations into forecast risk indicators, actionable deal summaries & specific deal risk factors on your finger tips

Metrics & Features inside BoostUp's Forecast Intelligence

  • Contacts
    # of contacts engaged Low Response Rate Lack of Engagement # of 2-way relationships Single threaded? # of senior personas Champion sentiment Decison Maker?
  • Opportunity
    Meeting momentum Interaction momentum # of Meetings Overall Sentiment Competitors Documents exchanged Repeat Objections
  • Activity
    Meeting Agenda Decline RSVP's Total Meeting Time # of Reschedules Meeting Duration Call Sentiment Questions No Show?
Structured data Unstructured data

Pre-built Customizable Dashboards

Risk Score, Risk Factors and Confidence level for every forecasted deal. Quick summaries on your finger tips. Learn and act immediately
Objective assessment and health analysis of your forecast. How much is at high risk? Discover top risk factors early. Find the deals you can pull in the quarter to make your number. No more surprises. No more sandbagging.
Should the forecast trend keep you up at night? Learn the risk break down by each seller, region and territory. Know exactly which manager and seller to talk to and about which deals. Discover deals to save the quarter.
Opportunity red flags on your finger tips. Stay ahead of deal obstacles. Instant visibility into top deals and risk factors.
Completely Customizable. Make it yours.
BoostUp doesn’t believe in one size fits all. Your sales cycle, ACV and selling complexity is unique. Configure and customize topics, competitors, risk factors, red flags, dashboards and reports with just a few clicks. And if something doesn't exist, we are happy to build it for you.

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