Forecasting Masterclass, Part II: Must-Have Sales Processes to Ensure Forecast Accuracy



Watch this roundtable to Learn:

  • Sales forecasting processes that ensure accurate predictions

  • The best forecasting cadences 

  • Repeatable forecasting processes that standardize data and align teams

  • How to implement these forecasting processes in your org

Your sales forecast is more than a random smattering of submissions, spreadsheets, and reports. It’s the foundation that drives your entire business, so why don’t you treat it like one?

To create the most accurate and usable forecast possible, you must establish a bulletproof sales forecasting process. This process clearly defines roles and responsibilities, standardizes data, aligns roles and teams, and creates visibility and accountability within your organization. 

Join Leaders from PluralSight, Sitecore, and BoostUp as they cover how you can build your ultimate sales forecasting process. They will cover:

  • The forecasting responsibilities of each role

  • How often/when to forecast

  • Forecasting processes for increased accuracy

  • How to use your sales forecast


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Tammy Broussard

Tammy Broussard Sales Director | Edcast

BoostUp has made deal-by-deal opportunity management much simpler, which has made our forecasting projections significantly more accurate and something we can truly trust. It allows me to prioritize at-risk deals and coach more efficiently. And the really good reps have adopted BoostUp as it gets them insights into their deal activity and allows them to sell more effectively.