REVENUE Analytics

Intuitive, interactive and with a point of view on revenue.

Intuitive, interactive and with a point of view on revenue.

Full feature BI for revenue. The RevOps wet dream.

Change Reporting

Easily see changes and trends.

Time-series, change and trend analysis show you what's happened since the last forecast call. Automated snapshots of all metrics, with advanced dashboards like Waterfalls and Sankey, mean you can easily spot the WHY behind any pipeline or forecast movement.


CRM Reporting

Reporting on all CRM data without restrictions.

Full feature BI but which can report on ALL CRM data without restrictions. Don't limit your access to irrefutability by using a traditional SFDC and BI tool combo. Use a revenue-focused solution that breaks down limitations and accessibility so you can see the business as it really is and run it more effectively.

Activity Reporting

The secret sauce to our secret sauce engine.

Unified CRM & activity data in a single view, customizable for any activity (email, calendar, call, etc). Eliminate fluff, manual data entry, and errors, while getting the irrefutable answers across the buying journey. Know what’s happening in your pipeline in real time, see what separates your A players from your B players and coach with confidence for better outcomes.


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Module Features

Time-Series Metrics Made Easy

No need for separate data warehousing. RevBI snapshots all your data and metrics so you can answer questions about what is changing and why. From pipeline change waterfalls and flow progressions to WoW/MoM trends on any metric.

Activity BI, Top Rep and Win/Loss

Discover what the top reps do differently than the rest and use data-driven coaching to turn middle-of-the-road sellers into top sellers. Turn all activity data from calls and emails into measurable KPIs and rep scorecards.

Forecast and Pipeline Trends

Improve sales pipeline and forecast visibility. Understand every aspect of your pipeline, including the source of the pipeline and how it is progressing, including the current quarter and current quarter plus one, plus two.