DEAL Intelligence

A 360° view of all your deals and accounts.

A 360° view of all your deals and accounts.

Know the risks and accurately project outcomes.

Opportunity Risk Management

Update and manage opps with irrefutable insights.

Deal review calls are generally unproductive. Whether you are a sales manager or ops leader, BoostUp can help make those reviews much more efficient by showing you how to run deals better and giving you insights to get aligned around, and enforce, the right processes.


Pipeline Risk Scoring

Intelligent risk grading of pipeline.

Score pipeline risk by stages, close month, risk factors and sellers. Understand the quality of the new pipeline created, discover which sellers have the riskiest pipeline, understand the top risk factors from inactivity, disengagement and sentiment for your entire pipeline.

Pipeline Risk by Seller

Which reps suck, and which reps rock.

For each seller, use pipeline level risk factors built on buyer disengagement data, seller inactivity data and comprehensive risk scoring and help your sales managers with insights they can act on.


Pipeline Waterfalls

Know what's changing and why.

Pipeline waterfall and flow Sankey visualizations help you understand how much was pulled, pushed, won, lost, and slipped. Understand how the deals are moving and converting from stage to stage.

Time-Series Pipeline Reporting

Predictive analytics for accurate projections.

Get time-series analytics on any sales metric, including forecasts, pipeline, activity, and quota attainment. Use our advanced metrics and dashboards to get insights into how the business is performing.


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