FORECASTING Intelligence

Custom, flexible forecasting workflows even reps will use.

Custom, flexible forecasting workflows even reps will use.

Intuitiveness meets AI.

AI-Powered Accuracy

See the ACTUAL likelihood of closing

Our forecasting AI learns from your historical data - like conversion rates by manager and by rep - and applies real-time deal by deal risk scoring to predict pipeline creation and close pacing for accurate forecasts you can rely on.


Customizable Rollups

Standardize forecasting workflow guidelines.

Set up standards by role, profile, business, or other criteria, regardless of company size. Give reps, SCs, front-line sales leaders, CSMs and post-sales teams an intuitive place to engage in a collaborative process with unified and irrefutable insights.

Forecasting Analytics

Fully configurable, hierarchical views in one place.

Stop death by spreadsheets, and don't wait for answers from your BI team any more. Pre-built dashboards give you real-time analysis on pipeline, progress, changes and coverage trends. With a single click, you can understand what's changed and why, with snapshots for every metric so you can investigate and understand what's real.


Want to see how BoostUp can give you control?

Module Features

Live Roll-Ups to Triangulate Accurately

Whether you are forecasting deal by deal, or requiring your reps and managers to call a number, override those numbers, our flexible forecasting platform has you covered. Your reps, SCs, 1st line, sales leaders and your CSMs + post-sales team engage in a collaborative process and you get a single source of forecasting truth.

Standardized Forecasting Across Org Hierarchy

Standardize your weekly, monthly and quarterly submissions process for your VPs, RVPs, Managers and Reps on a weekly cadence. With forecasting reminder notifications, your sellers will submit their forecasts on time and you can save 8-10 hours per week of manual work.

Powerful Forecast and Pipeline Change Analysis

With a single click, understand what has changed since the previous week's forecast call. All metrics are snapshotted so you can investigate the precise source of every change in your pipeline and forecast.

Forecast AI You Can Understand & Act-On

BoostUp's forecast AI learns from your historical data, applies real-time deal by deal risk scoring of your current pipeline and predicts in-quarter pipeline creation pacing to give you an accurate forecast you can rely on.

Live Forecast Trends & BI Visualizations

No more spreadsheet work or waiting for answers from your BI team. Pre-built BI dashboards provide real-time pulse on what's changing in your pipeline, quarterly and yearly progress, and pipeline coverage trends.

Predict Pipeline Coverage For The Year

Automatic gap to target analysis. Set targets or use our AI targets for closed-won, pipeline, pipe coverage, pipe creation. Understand pipeline and pipe coverage gaps with AI that analyzes pipeline targets and historical conversion rates.