CRO Fireside Chat with Marcus Jewell, CSO, and CRO at Juniper Networks

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CRO Fireside Chat

Join us on August 10th at 11 am PDT/ 2 pm EDT for a CRO Fireside Chat featuring Marcus Jewell, CSO and CRO at Juniper Networks. 

Relationship selling is dead. Now, salespeople must provide value, pure and simple. This value comes in the form of data.

Sellers must demonstrate the benefits that will be delivered, the improvements gained, and the positive results provided by a decision to purchase.

As Marcus Jewell says, “What buyers are looking for today is an outcome. They are interested in how you can help their business on THEIR terms. Achieving that requires meticulous, personalized research and an ability to analyze data.”

Now that information is widely available; sellers are no longer a trusted source of advice. More and more often, buyers research and make decisions without any involvement from salespeople.

So if relationship selling will no longer work, what will? No longer can salespeople succeed just by making their buyers feel good; they need to build trust based on credibility, not likeability, and have a strong, well-informed case of action.

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Marco Pasqualina

Marco Pasqualina SVP & Head of Sales | Toluna

With BoostUp, we now have a complete picture of accounts, opportunities, and associated contacts across the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to advocacy. This has made us easily 5 times as efficient, 2x more confident in our forecasting approach and projections, and we shaved off 20 hours a month in our forecasting preparations.