Forecasting Masterclass, Part III: Key Metrics to Unlock Forecast Accuracy

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Join this roundtable to learn:

  • The forecasting KPIs to measure and improve forecast accuracy
  • Pipeline KPIs for comparison against your forecast
  • How to use AI to measure forecast accuracy
  • Why forecast intelligence is the way forward for sales teams

How do you know if your forecast is actually working for you?

Today, sales forecasts are used by nearly every team. Sales, marketing, customer success, customer support, and HR all derive many of their goals from the forecast. 

That’s why teams must constantly analyze, measure, monitor, and optimize their forecast accuracy.

On July 22,  join Stephen Daniels, Victoria Moss, and Anu Krishnakumar as they cover the metrics you can measure the accuracy and impact of your forecast.


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Marco Pasqualina

Marco Pasqualina SVP & Head of Sales | Toluna

With BoostUp, we now have a complete picture of accounts, opportunities, and associated contacts across the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to advocacy. This has made us easily 5 times as efficient, 2x more confident in our forecasting approach and projections, and we shaved off 20 hours a month in our forecasting preparations.