The Next Table Stakes: Digital Sales Transformation Begins with Revenue Operations and Intelligence

Hear from Sales Operations Principal Analyst at Forrester along with Revenue Operations leaders at BoostUp, Iterable and Celonis as they discuss the next table stakes in sales. The next sales transformation begins (and ends) with Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I).

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The Next Table Stakes: Digital Sales Transformation Begins with Revenue Operations and Intelligence

Evolving market conditions, elevated shareholder expectations, a more complex buying cycle, and the shift to a near completely digital selling model have put an enormous amount of pressure on revenue teams to deliver accurate, predictable forecasting and revenue. 

The complexities associated with how organizations forecast have been a new driver in need for better, more complete, and customizable RevOps and forecasting solutions to meet the needs of modern revenue teams.

With this emergence, Forrester released its Now Tech Report introducing a new software category called Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I).

Join Anthony McPartlin, Sales Operations Principal Analyst at Forrester, Carlo Caimi, SVP, Global Head of Strategy and Operations at Celonis, Dan Brayton, VP of Revenue Operations at Iterable and Sharad Verma, CEO and Co-Founder at, as they unpack what had led to the emergence of RO&I, it's value to modern sales organizations, and what to look for in technologies providers in this space.

Points of discussion include:

  • Trends driving new tech priorities
  • The emergence of RO&I, what is it and what it's not
  • Where does RO&I fit into your current tech stack
  • Key outcomes from RO&I (improved win rates, improved forecast accuracy, and more)
  • Key considerations in the selection process



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Noelle S. Uglesic

Noelle S. Uglesic VP, GTM Strategy & Operations

I've partnered with BoostUp on an implementation that Clari and other vendors struggled to accommodate. BoostUp's platform allowed us to customize everything to our unique needs. The speed of innovation/roadmap delivery and a team that understands our space is unparalleled at BoostUp. Other vendors don't even come close, IMHO. I have a happy team from Operations to Sales now, as everyone is in the system daily and loves it. BoostUp has undoubtedly exceeded my expectation.