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"With RevBI, We Have Another RevOps Analyst Elevating ABBYY's Sales Operations"

Anastasiya Tsed, Global Sales Operations Director at ABBYY, opens up about the obstacles they faced prior to employing BoostUp's RevBI, and the transformative role of RevBI in the reshaping of their revenue teams' approach to operations.


ABBYY puts your information to work. ABBYY combines innovation and experience to transform data from business-critical documents into intelligent actionable outcomes in over 200 languages in real-time. 


ABBYY helps more than 10,000 companies globally, including many of the Fortune 500, driving significant impact where it matters most: customer experience, profitability, and competitive advantage.

  • Year founded
  • 1989
  • Industry
  • IT Services and IT Consulting
  • Headquarters
  • Milpitas, California

Key challenges

Lack of predictive analysis

Existing systems and tools couldn't deliver real-time predictive analyses, a key requirement for proactive decision-making and strategy formulation. This gap limited ABBYY's ability to use data effectively to anticipate outcomes and make informed strategic decisions.

Convoluted reporting process

The process of creating reports was cumbersome and time-consuming due to Salesforce's limitations and difficulties in creating custom metrics and formulas. This led to the need for manual data extraction and consolidation from various tools, including their BI.

Demand for actionable insights

ABBYY was swamped with large volumes of data spread across different sources, making it hard to consolidate, analyze, and extract insights. The manual nature of their previous analysis process further compounded this issue, leading to potential valuable insights being overlooked or misinterpreted.

"RevBI brought the insights we needed to the forefront effortlessly"

“The depth of insights and efficiency that RevBI brought to our operations exceeded our expectations. What surprised me most was the seamless way in which it compiled our disparate data, a task which would have taken us an inordinate amount of time and resources to replicate internally.” - Anastasiya Tsed


How BoostUp helped ABBYY with their SalesOps

Unified data platform

BoostUp's RevBI provided ABBYY with a unified platform where sales data could be viewed and analyzed in real-time by stakeholders of different levels, eliminating the need for data consolidation from multiple sources. This holistic view facilitated a more nuanced understanding and control of their sales processes, leading to better and faster strategic decisions.

Efficient reporting and data visibility

ABBYY was able to generate comprehensive reports quickly and accurately, allowing for more efficient use of Sales Ops team's resources. This shift in reporting meant the team could allocate more energy to interpreting data and coaching the sales. At the same time sellers got a better visibility of the data associated with customers and prospects that enhanced the customer experience during the selling process.

Actionable business intelligence

RevBI's advanced analytics capabilities offered ABBYY the ability to easily drill down into data and derive actionable insights, making the data trustworthy and digestible and empowering them to make a data-driven decisions,easily find root causes of inefficient processes, and identify ways to  enhance their sales performance.

Source: Scott Hill - Linkedin

"This level of attention and responsiveness is something we didn't get from more mature technologies"

"It's all about how responsive the support team is. With BoostUp, we have a system where we can raise a ticket if something doesn't go as expected, and we always get a response. This kind of attentiveness is crucial to us, given the complexity of our business. Even when our requests are out of the norm, they're still taken into consideration.


Their commitment to us as a valued customer, and their quick action on our requests, regardless of how unconventional they may be, has solidified our partnership." - Anastasiya Tsed

How BoostUp helped ABBYY with their SalesOps

Through the implementation of BoostUp's RevBI, ABBYY has streamlined their operations and bolstered their decision-making processes, leading to tangible improvements in their sales performance and providing their sales team with actionable insights and intelligence.

ABBYY, a leading global provider of intelligent automation solutions, faced several pressing challenges in their sales operations process.


As Global Sales Operations Director Anastasiya Tsed revealed, the team was burdened with fragmented data sources, and time-consuming reporting process, and difficulties in transforming their vast data into actionable insights.


In their quest to solve these issues, ABBYY discovered BoostUp and its innovative RevBI platform, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. RevBI provided ABBYY with a unified platform where all sales data could be viewed and analyzed in real-time, a solution that significantly streamlined their once cumbersome reporting procedures. This meant an end to the era of tons of ad-hoc reports and marked a new phase of efficiency for the team.

In addition, RevBI's robust analytics capabilities empowered ABBYY to dive deep into their data, extracting valuable insights that previously remained hidden. This transformation enabled ABBYY to make well-informed, data-driven decisions, leading to a notable enhancement in their sales efficiency.


Anastasiya often refers to BoostUp's RevBI as ABBYY's new "RevOps analyst eager to help anybody anytime," a testament to the profound impact the platform has had on their operations across the globe. Through its resolution of key data management issues, enhancement of reporting efficiency, and provision of actionable business intelligence, RevBI has become an invaluable asset in ABBYY's toolkit.


In conclusion, ABBYY's adoption of BoostUp's RevBI has been instrumental in the evolution of their sales operations. By providing a unified data platform, real-time insights, customized dashboards, and most importantly, a responsive and supportive team, RevBI has solidified its position as ABBYY's reliable partner in their journey to operational success. The transformation has not only streamlined their operations but also allowed ABBYY to tap into the full potential of their data, driving sales performance to new heights.

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