Call the right number
early in the quarter


Increase forecast accuracy and accountability


Boost accuracy

Blend multiple forecast approaches, including AI-powered machine forecasting integrated with human judgment, using embedded Deal Risk & Outcome projections.


Enforce compliance

Ensure teams adhere to the correct processes and deal engagement behaviors, and by automating submissions in all levels of the sales org.


Drive accountability

Monitor forecast accuracy on rep, team, company level and flag opportunities for improvement.


Realize value fast

Deploy AI-driven forecast models in days, not months and make ongoing changes to the system in minutes.

Multidimensional forecasting-1

Multi-Dimensional Forecasting

Modern forecasting adapted to any revenue model.

Forecast based on any revenue unit (deals, renewals, expansions, workloads, PLG, credits)

Roll up the forecast via any hierarchy (sales team, account, product set, feature set)

Forecast rollups

Machine Forecast

AI-generated revenue projections, deal outcomes and risks.

Leverages historical conversion performance by stage to produce a projection

Predict winning deals that will drive the forecast

Predict deal risks based on process adherence and engagement data

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Forecast Automation

Forecast Automation

Define and execute processes critical to forecast assembly, submission and review.

Automate forecast submissions across all levels of the sales org

Integrate human judgment with AI generated predictions

Support direct, indirect, and overlay-based sales teams

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AI-powered copilot that drives sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Receive critical alerts related to deals, pipeline and forecasts

Prioritize key actions to improve deal outcomes and increase forecast accuracy

Automate core selling tasks such as filling out sales methodology scorecards and drafting follow up emails

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BoostUp helped us run efficient forecasting meetings that are accurate.
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Anna-Luisa Fisher-Jeffes

Sales Operations Manager

How Unily increased their forecasting accuracy by 20% with BoostUp