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5 Actionable Laws for 1:1s that Produce Winning Teams

In this webinar, our panel will help strip away all the out-of-date practices of traditional 1:1s and offer you the map of Do’s and Don’ts for intentional 1:1s that boost results.



Key takeaways from this webinar


From performance to growth mindset

Transitioning 1:1s from performance tracking to fostering a growth mindset involves setting clear expectations, focusing on actionable feedback, and emphasizing the importance of personal growth alongside professional achievements. Such a shift can result in more motivated and engaged team members who are committed to their personal and team success.


Structured engagement & goal setting

Effective 1:1s are structured and goal-oriented, focusing on the individual's growth paths. By separating coaching from training and clearly defining objectives, leaders can guide their team members towards achieving their full potential. This structured approach ensures that each meeting is productive, with clear takeaways and action items for continuous improvement.


Cultivating a culture of ownership

Promoting a culture where team members take ownership of their actions and outcomes fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability. Encouraging team members to set their own goals, and holding them accountable for their progress, empowers them to take charge of their development and contribute more effectively to the team's success.

About this webinar

This webinar broke down how to run one-on-one meetings that really help sales teams do better, instead of just going through the motions. Jessica Orozco, Jake Reni, and Adam Ferris, all seasoned pros in their fields, shared straightforward advice on making these meetings work for both managers and their team members. ... They kicked things off by pointing out that the usual way of doing 1:1s often misses the mark. Instead of helping, they can end up being a drag, making people feel more stressed than supported. The speakers suggested changing things up to make these catch-ups more about growth and real talk on how to improve.

A big part of the conversation was about changing the vibe of these meetings from just talking shop or ticking boxes to actually focusing on how team members can grow in their roles and what they need to get there. They talked about setting up these chats so everyone comes out feeling like they've got a clear direction and know what they're aiming for.

The webinar wasn't just about the why but also the how. It dived into practical steps on setting goals, giving feedback that makes a difference, and making sure these meetings are something both sides look forward to because they're genuinely useful. The idea is to leave the meeting with a game plan, feeling pumped to tackle what's next.

By the end, the message was clear: with a bit of tweaking, 1:1s can really be a key part of building a strong sales team where everyone feels like they're in it together, growing and hitting their marks. The speakers shared tips on keeping things on track, making sure these meetings are a two-way street, and how to keep improving them over time.

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