Top 10 Metrics for Chief Revenue Officers

In an era where precision in revenue generation is paramount, this guide emerges as the essential source for CROs aiming to refine their strategic approach.


Metrics to boost revenue visibility and accountability

These three questions make or break CROs every day:

• Are you confident in your forecast?
• Do you have the pipeline to hit your targets?
• How will you better optimize your spend on Sales?

If you’re not sure what’s real in your business, you’re not able to diagnose what’s broken, and you can’t hold people accountable or get aligned.


What will you learn?

You’ll find each revenue metric dissected, with the help of industry leaders like you, in a straightforward way, and offer a clear definition, a quick overview of the business decisions that each one helps you make in practical applications, as well as the key benefits you’ll get from measuring them. 

This guide will help CROs amplify their visibility into what’s really going on in their businesses, drive better accountability across teams, and deliver more predictable results.