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Game Changing Metrics to Get Control Over Revenue

Explore this discussion on the intersection of RevOps and BI in driving sales efficiency. Understand the role of critical sales funnel metrics and how they can be used to transform the pipeline and forecasting. 



Aaron Janmohamed

VP of Marketing | BoostUp.ai


Neel Kamal

CRO | BoostUp.ai


Anthony Enrico

Founder & CEO @ LeanScale


Andy Mowat

CEO & Co-Founder | Gated

Key takeaways from this Mastering RevOps Webinar

Harnessing the power of RevOps platforms

The panelists emphasized that modern RevOps demands a system capable of managing diverse operations, from reporting and forecasting to pipeline management and deal reviews. Utilizing a comprehensive RevOps platform aids businesses in consolidating their operations, promoting efficiency, and fostering growth.

Understanding and appreciating the customer journey

The speakers highlighted the need to understand customer engagement and health metrics to value the customer journey better. Accurately measuring these metrics helps businesses adjust their strategies and improve customer relationships, leading to increased customer retention and business growth.

Democratization of data and metrics in RevOps

The experts discussed the importance of democratizing data & metrics across organizations. Having a marketplace of metrics can allow professionals to leverage collective knowledge, enriching their perspective. This collaborative approach can fuel a culture of shared learning and promote innovation in metric creation.

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About this webinar

Our expert panel, featuring seasoned sales and revenue operations professionals, provided an in-depth exploration of three critical revenue metrics: Pipeline Coverage by Rep, Opportunity Stage Conversion Funnel, and LTV/CAC.

Through insightful discussions and real-world examples, they demystified these metrics and demonstrated how they can be leveraged for successful business outcomes.

A recurring theme throughout the webinar was the democratization of metrics. Our panelists underscored the value of sharing and learning from a diverse range of metrics and how this collaborative approach can result in significant business improvements. This shared wisdom not only benefits individual sales professionals but also offers invaluable insights to entire organizations.

Our experts also highlighted the crucial role of visualization in understanding and utilizing these metrics. They discussed how visual tools can help make sense of complex data and support decision-making processes. These tools, they argued, are a cornerstone in not only managing but also improving sales processes, deal reviews, forecasting, and more.

The final part of the webinar was the live demonstration of BoostUp's RevBI platform. The presenter showed how the platform could be used to easily build a sales funnel with a variety of metrics, such as deal count, deal amount, stage, and stage amount. The conversion rates and win rates were shown visually, making it easier for teams to analyze and understand their sales processes. The RevBI platform allows users to snapshot these metrics at any point in time and even compare different regions' performance against each other, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

Moreover, the platform was shown to automate tasks that traditionally required manual effort or technical expertise, such as snapshotting data and managing table structures. It was described as a vertically stacked system similar to the iPhone, where the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process, data warehousing, and visualization are all integrated seamlessly.

The webinar concluded with a discussion about the marketplace feature within RevBI. This feature allows users to access a library of metrics that others have built, democratizing access to key metrics and fostering collaboration among users. The panelists expressed hopes that this feature could evolve into a platform where users can publish, popularize, and even monetize the metrics they've created.


In conclusion, this webinar offered a deep dive into the fascinating world of sales metrics, focusing on their importance in driving business outcomes, the need for visualization tools, and the promising future of a collaborative metrics marketplace. The discussions underscored the power of shared knowledge, the benefits of democratization, and the potential that the future holds for sales metrics.

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