Our Approach.

“Our mission is to pull the revenue industry forward with the most accurate, complete, and insightful revenue intelligence platform on the market.”

– Sharad Verma, CEO, and Co-Founder, BoostUp

Our Approach.

A fresh, new perspective to revenue intelligence.

We believe that today’s B2B revenue teams need a singular unified system to do their work, collaborate around data, get insights, and execute on various use cases. As sales operations become more strategic, a dedicated command center, from marketing to sales and post-sale, is what’s needed to improve and optimize the entire revenue execution.

Today’s sales tool market is extremely dis-aggregated, which has resulted in sales-stack inflation and low adoption across a myriad of tools. A lack of unification across data and tools means most sales teams are stuck with generation one fragmented technologies. 

BoostUp-Singular Revenue Intelligence Platfor

Changing the Status Quo.

We believe that the status quo is not good enough and hasn’t been for quite some time. BoostUp aims to disrupt the status quo by building the first contextual revenue intelligence platform – built around three core pillars: 1) Deep Insights and Intelligence, 2) Flexible and Customizable, and 3) Platform and Capability Completeness.


Built just for sales leaders

Based on seller-reported data

Poor data


Analytics only – lack of insight,

Incomplete and siloed data


Built for everyone – reps, 1st line managers, and leaders

Data from the source – from emails, calls and conversations

Accurate matching of emails and activities to the right opportunities

Flexible to accommodate any forecasting process and reporting needs

Actionable insights, recommendations, and seller assistance, powered by conversation and activity data

All data from all sources – in one place

Our Mission.

At BoostUp, our mission is to pull the revenue industry forward with the most accurate, complete, and insightful revenue intelligence platform on the market. A platform that brings together all front line and leadership roles, all data streams, and all operations, forecasting, and intelligence use cases under a single umbrella.

We believe that it’s not just about predicting a number. It’s also about empowering the first-line sales teams to hit those numbers with smart assistance, recommendations, and user interface built specifically for them. Our data secret is actionable predictions from conversations and relationships buried inside emails, call transcripts, and other automated activity data not typically found in the CRM.

The BoostUp Team.

Our customers love BoostUp.

With BoostUp, we are easily 25% more accurate in our forecast prediction, and we have greater visibility into our deal health. Before BoostUp, we used spreadsheets and other systems, making this process very difficult and inaccurate. With BoostUp, we have a new level of clarity, and we’re never going back!

Dan Brayton

Head of Sales Operations, Iterable

With BoostUp, I can inspect pipeline in 1/10th of the time, and call deals 2x more accurately, which helps us as an organization forecast more efficiently and reliably. Our leaders now have an excellent lens to evaluate deal risks instantly.

Stephen Daniels

Head of Sales Operations, Branch

We use BoostUp to understand deal risk and understand deal velocity. With BoostUp, we are easily 5 times as efficient, 100% more confident in our forecasting approach and projections, and have shaved off 20 hours a month in our forecasting preparations.

Marco Pasqualina

SVP & Head of Sales, Toluna

We can cut through pipeline BS and learn deal risks while saving 3-4 hours of my back-and-forth time every week. Risk factors are immediately actionable, so my AEs can quickly prioritize at-risk deals. This all helps us more accurately predict our forecast number!

Chris Pham

Head of Sales, Dealpath

BoostUp measures deal risk based on engagement and the sentiment of those engagements. These "actionable risk metrics" allow me to positively impact deal health, pipeline strength, and forecast accuracy.

Navid Zolfaghari

VP Sales, Branch