Improve your revenue performance with Revenue Automation

Scale and automate your sales processes to increase forecast accuracy, see which deals are likely to win or lose and which reps perform best.

High-growth companies use BoostUp’s Revenue Automation


Revenue Automation for Accurate Forecasting

Easily view the changes and create rules for scaled assembly and submissions.

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Hierarchical view into forecastable pipeline

Visualize how the pipeline is progressing across the team hierarchy and customize different views based on the role.

Week-over-week change tracking

Track how your forecasts have changed week-over-week across the organization and identify problems earlier.

Automated assembly of forecast submissions

Create rules to include or exclude deals in your forecast submissions instead of manually going through all of them.

Alerting & locking for forecast submissions

Build alerts that are sent out to your sales teams on customized schedules so the forecasts are submitted on time.

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Revenue Automation for Reliable Pipeline

Proactively inspect and update deals to have better control over pipeline.

Add & update sales process information pip2 Quickly inspect pipeline across the hierarchy Create views for important deals

Add & update sales process information

Customize and update only the fields you need for each deal using the bi-directional sync between SFDC and BoostUp.

Explore rich deal insights & host better 1:1s

Gather in-depth insights at a single glance about each deal so you can have more productive 1:1s with your rep. 

Quickly inspect pipeline across the hierarchy

Review pipeline on a single screen that brings AI projections, hierarchical rollups, and alerts for missed forecast submissions.

Create views for important deals

Access saved filters you create that allow you to easily consume specific and relevant data on charts and reports.

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Revenue Automation for Productive Reps

Efficiently analyze rep engagement and scale your sales processes.

Capture & analyze buyer to seller engagements Accurately match activity to opportunities Scale sales process information management reps4

Capture & analyze buyer to seller engagements

Analyze how engaged your reps are by matching prospects’ email, calendar and call activity data on a single screen.

Accurately match activity to opportunities

Let BoostUp connect all rep activity data to the correct opportunities and contacts with AI-based matching.

Scale sales process information management

Scale the way you operate by leveraging MEDDIC and similar sales processes that can be customized per your needs. 

Ensure reps are spending time on the right efforts

See if the reps are enabled appropriately and doing the necessary activities to ensure good win rates.


hours saved each week
per rep


more deals reviewed
per week


deals saved
per quarter


accuracy from the
first quarter


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Measure forecasting accuracy, pipeline performance and rep effectiveness at scale.

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Benchmark with RevenueAI

Identify and mitigate the risks within forecast accuracy, pipeline and rep productivity.

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Improve with Revenue Automation

Scale forecast submissions, streamline pipeline inspection and improve efficiency of reps.

BoostUp’s engagement risk score and activity drill down has eliminated four calls per month for our team.

Jason Schneider

Chief Revenue Officer

The field reps love BoostUp because they can now have in-depth discussions on driving revenue and pipeline.

Ken Pouliot

Chief Revenue Officer

I appreciate how flexible BoostUp has been as we continue to modify our sales processes and team structure.

Todd Gracon

SVP of Sales

BoostUp’s next event is a powerful feature that drives rep accountability and improves forecast accuracy.

Curtis Hommes

Vice President, Revenue Strategy & Operations

We chose BoostUp for its flexible forecasting and pipeline management.

Evan Randall

SVP Worldwide GTM & Strategy Operations

Our forecast improved by more than 40% in the first quarter with BoostUp.

Matt Durazzani

Chief Revenue Officer