How Resonate increased rep productivity by gamifying rep engagement

Facing issues like weak rep engagement with Salesforce, and challenges in data complexity and interpretation, Resonate was looking for a solution. With BoostUp, they achieved improved forecasting accuracy, better visibility and data curation, and increased rep productivity.


About the company

Resonate is the leader in AI-driven consumer data and intelligence, delivering proprietary, privacy-safe data for insights, analysis, modeling and activation. The Resonate Elements dataset includes more than 14,000 rich, relevant, real-time data points that holistically describe and connect to more than 230 million U.S. individual profiles designed to help brands ignite growth and drive customer lifetime value.


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Key challenges


Insufficient rep engagement with Salesforce

Resonate faced a pressing issue with sales reps not updating their Salesforce consistently, leading to an unclear understanding of deal statuses and frequent requirements for updates. There was notable resistance from the sales reps, indicating their particular aversion to using Salesforce.


Data complexity due to complex business structure

Due to Resonate's complex business configuration, characterized by diverse deal types, verticals, and teams, they experienced challenges in data management, especially during the scaling phase. They required a streamlined system to manage their wide-ranging data types efficiently.


Limitations in deal and opportunity view

Resonate experienced difficulties interpreting and accessing essential deal and opportunity data in Salesforce. Salesforce provided only a limited perspective, lacking context. In addition, the labor-intensive reporting and reliance on tools like Excel hindered their scalability and efficiency.

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“I almost feel like they're on my team.”

Kristina Emminger, who's been with Resonate for 12 years, manages sales operations and revenue operations under the Chief Revenue Officer. With Resonate’s diverse product offerings and its scaling trajectory, BoostUp plays a pivotal role in forecasting, deal management, and pipeline management.

For Kristina, beyond the capabilities of BoostUp and RevBI, it’s the people behind the software that stand out, becoming an extension of the Resonate team and earning her trust and reliance.

How BoostUp helped Resonate with their Sales Ops


Accurate forecasting with a user-friendly interface

BoostUp introduced an intuitive platform that enhanced the accuracy of forecasting. By the end of quarters, both managers and reps consistently aligned in their views on commits. BoostUp’s interface enabled sales reps to efficiently oversee their pipelines, paving the way for alignment.


Increased deal clarity and dynamic data updates

BoostUp offered Resonate insights into deal statuses, engagements, and various crucial metrics. This augmented visibility not only bolstered the forecasting precision but also empowered users to observe real-time data adjustments, ensuring timely and informed decision-making.


Gamified sales process boosting rep productivity

BoostUp’s innovative sales workflow and scoring system, which showcased green for promising deals and red for problematic ones, fostered a spirited competitive environment, motivating reps to achieve and maintain lucrative pipelines, tapping into their inherent competitiveness.


“Salesforce can never do what BoostUp does. It's not designed that way.”

For sales reps who have traditionally been averse to updating Salesforce, BoostUp offers a transformative experience. With its intuitive interface, reps can easily access all relevant deal data on BoostUp, making adjustments on-the-go.

Tapping into the competitive spirit of salespeople, BoostUp’s scoring and grading system motivates them to strive for excellence. BoostUp changes how reps perceive and interact with their deals.


“BoostUp is like the iPhone of sales software.”

At Resonate, updating and tracking the pipeline was once a tedious task. But with BoostUp, it's become a seamless experience. Even their CRO finds himself immersed in BoostUp, leveraging its capabilities to bring clarity to their complex sales process.

Unlike other sales software that might be intricate and challenging for many to grasp, BoostUp stands out with its simplicity. Kristina compares it to the iPhone in the world of sales software – intuitive and user-friendly, even for those not tech-savvy.

How BoostUp helped Resonate with their Sales Operations

Resonate faced substantial challenges in their sales operations. The sales reps’ reluctance to update Salesforce consistently muddled the understanding of deal statuses. "We didn't know what was going on in a deal. So we needed constant updates" said Kristina Emminger, Senior Director of Sales Strategy at Resonate.

They were deep in the thickets of complex data management with different deal types, verticals, and teams. "We have a really complicated set of businesses here."

Further complicating matters was the task of making sense of the massive amounts of data in Salesforce. Managers could only see a piece of the pie without the surrounding context. "You'd have to go through all the activity history. It wouldn't be on the opportunity level." Constant reporting proved laborious, "You can't scale if you're on Excel, you can't, all you'll do is reporting." ...

The transformation BoostUp brought in was immediate and evident. Forecasting became more accurate and in sync. "Our forecasting got better. Now managers make their commits, the reps make their commits. Pretty much everybody's on the same page." BoostUp provided a bird's-eye view of deal statuses, engagements, and other relevant deal metrics. "Now we have the ability to actually see what was really said during the calls."

BoostUp's approach to sales operations brought out the best in the sales reps. Using scores and color indicators like green for promising deals and red for challenging ones, the platform tapped into the reps' competitive nature, encouraging them to improve their pipelines. "The scoring works because they are competitive. So if they're all in green and their colleague's all in red, that becomes a huge, like competitor type situation."

But what truly distinguished BoostUp was not just the software but the team behind it. "Software is amazing, but the people... I almost feel like they're on my team" Kristina said, highlighting how invaluable the BoostUp team was in crafting tailored solutions and even helping Kristina’s team navigate Salesforce configurations.

This underscores the value that BoostUp brought to Resonate, helping them with their sales operations and setting them on a trajectory of increased efficiency and productivity.