SheerID increased their speed to insights by 4x with RevBI

SheerID's Sales Operations Analyst Travis Termin talks about the challenges they had before using BoostUp's RevBI, and how RevBI changed their revenue teams' way of running revenue operations.


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About the company

SheerID works with leading B2C brands in retail, streaming, software, hospitality, and finance to connect with consumer communities like the military and students with gated, personalized offers. Each offer is exclusive, which encourages members to share it with others in their network, increasing reach, and decreasing acquisition costs.


Eugene, OR



Key challenges


Disjointed tech stack with limited visibility

SheerID was using different tools for managing customer data, call & email data, forecasting and deal intelligence. Important customer data existed in silos making it difficult to capture deep, actionable insights.


Data staleness and inaccuracy

Due to the limitations of Salesforce in displaying certain data effectively, they resorted to integrating BigQuery and Looker to present the data but this increased the time spent on reporting.


Inaccurate & inefficient forecasting

SheerID team experienced a lack of data consistency within their previous forecasting platform. Either the data was not displayed in a helpful manner, or there was a discrepancy in the user interface.

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“The formulas that are present in RevBI today would take days of programming for us.”

“The thought of building something comparable to BoostUp's RevBI on our own is daunting, as it would require months of dedicated work, and even then, we might not cover all the necessary components.”

How BoostUp helped SheerID with their RevOps


Self-serve insights with pre-built metrics

RevBI empowered the SheerID team to serve themselves by providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionalities for customizing their own dashboards. RevBI's pre-built metrics that are ready to use, eliminated the need for extensive programming or manual calculations.


Increased forecasting efficiency & accuracy

SheerID teams have achieved their highest rates of on-time forecasting and preparation for forecasting meetings with BoostUp. They are now coaching their sales managers to rely on BoostUp as a central source of accurate information, especially with the addition of RevBI.


Aligned finance & sales teams with precision

The fact that finance relied on historical data to predict revenue, while the sales often relied on gut feelings resulted as a challenging dynamic between the two teams. BoostUp's projections for revenue closely aligned with the actual results has been beneficial for the company.


“With BoostUp, we have achieved our highest rates of on-time forecasting.”

“Where Salesforce as a CRM falls down, what BoostUp helps us out is the snapshotting of data. We are able to actually see how things have changed over time. Did the deal get bigger? Did it get smaller? Did it push? All of those sorts of things.”


“The engineering team has been able to provide the customization we want.”

“RevBI has been built to empower users to serve themselves, and as the platform continues to evolve, we collaborate with the engineering team to suggest additional features and functionalities.”

How SheerID leveraged BoostUp for RevOps

With BoostUp, SheerID achieved a unified one-stop shop for RevOps, empowering their managers and CRO with data uniformity and improved forecasting capabilities.

Travis Termin and their team at SheerID discovered the transformative power of BoostUp's RevBI, a comprehensive revenue business intelligence solution. Over the course of a year, BoostUp revolutionized their processes, addressing pain points, and empowering their sales operations.

SheerID initially faced challenges in managing data across various tools, including CRM data, spreadsheets, and Google Sheets. Reporting was time-consuming, and Salesforce dashboards had limitations in displaying critical data effectively. Syncing issues and inaccurate call and email data further complicated their sales processes. Moreover, the inability to create customized dashboards for sales managers hindered their ability to track team performance accurately. ...
However, with the introduction of BoostUp’s RevBI, SheerID experienced a significant shift. BoostUp's robust forecasting capabilities stood out, providing a reliable and efficient platform. Previously, their team had resorted to building forecasting models in Google Sheets, which lacked accuracy and efficiency. BoostUp's real-time insights, accurate projections, and reliable data empowered the team to make informed decisions and maximize sales effectiveness.

One of the most significant advantages of BoostUp was its ability to consolidate data from multiple sources into a unified platform. BoostUp eliminated the need for manual data consolidation and ensured uniformity in data extraction and display. SheerID gained the ability to create customized dashboards and reports tailored to their specific needs, providing sales managers and the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) with accurate information in real time.

BoostUp's pre-built features, particularly in revenue intelligence, astounded Travis and the SheerID team. The platform already possessed the functionality they needed, eliminating the need to teach their existing BI solution how to display essential information. Moreover, with RevBI, BoostUp's advanced insights platform, each calculation represented a day's worth of programming. This extensive capability solidified BoostUp as the go-to resource for revenue intelligence, guiding informed decision-making processes.

With BoostUp as the central hub for sales operations, SheerID underwent a remarkable transformation. Travis and their team confidently coached sales managers to rely on BoostUp as the primary source of accurate information. The platform offered comprehensive visibility into activity, pipeline creation, and success metrics. 

In conclusion, by addressing data management challenges, streamlining forecasting, and unlocking revenue intelligence, BoostUp empowered the SheerID team to make data-driven decisions and drive success. With a unified platform, real-time insights, and customized dashboards, BoostUp became their reliable one-stop shop.