Pipeline Management and Deep Insights

Predictable revenue growth begins with a well-managed, reliable pipeline. By providing deep insights into your pipeline coverage, opportunities, and risks, BoostUp’s Connected Revenue Intelligence solution equips your teams for sales success.

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AI-Driven Revenue Forecasting

A reliable sales pipeline leads to higher forecast accuracy, drastically improving revenue operations. Our AI pipeline insights dashboard provides deep visibility into your pipeline health at the opportunity level, offering you more control over long-term revenue growth.

True Pipeline Visibility

Achieve complete visibility into the health of your pipeline. By synchronizing up-to-date sales data with historical trends, our software ensures your teams have the context they need to drive revenue, down to the individual deal.

Instant Pipeline Inspection

Spot risk early and determine the events behind pipeline changes. Our dashboard offers a real-time look at at-risk opportunities, coverage gaps, and actionable insights to help coach your reps to success.

Increased Deal Velocity

Boost team efficiency by equipping your reps with an analytics-driven roadmap for sales success. Our AI-driven insights enable you to identify and replicate high-performing scenarios to improve pipeline velocity.


Receive Unparalleled Insight Into Sales Pipeline Progression and Correlation

No longer are you forced to pick percentages from a table or compare charts? Instead, instantly get insights into exactly how much revenue is progressing, from which stage, and in what direction. Get instant pipeline progression analysis and correlation analysis you need to make the right decisions.

Access The True State of Your Pipeline

Pipeline gaps impact the health of your entire revenue operations. True buyer engagement signals fill those gaps, unifying to deliver full pipeline visibility and actionable insights for your long-term growth.

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Recognize The Patterns That Drive Team Performance

Visibility into deal engagement fuels coaching opportunities and drives team performance. That’s why our pipeline insights solution moves away from seller-reported leaderboards, providing instant, automated leaderboards with key KPIs into sales activity and trends.

Ready for a Stronger, Healthier Pipeline?

Unleash your revenue potential by identifying trends that set your teams up for success. Powered by AI, our Connected Revenue Intelligence solution paves the way to a stronger pipeline, helping you drive predictable revenue growth.

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Holly Phillips

Vice President, Enterprise Sales | Degreed

Since adopting BoostUp, we’ve noticed that our sales reps have stronger pipelines. Since we have so much more insight, reps are seeing where they have gaps, and how they can improve. It’s really given us such great visibility into our deals and when they are going to close.

Mike Nabasny

Director of Sales and Operations | Branch

The first thing you notice in BoostUp is the speed. When I look at a deal in BoostUp, I can start having a deal strategy conversation in seconds. It gives me an accurate picture instantly. Actionable risk metrics from BoostUp allow me to positively impact deal health, pipeline strength, and forecasting accuracy.

Chris Pham

Head of Sales | Dealpath

We can cut through the pipeline BS and learn deal risks while saving 3-4 hours of my back-and-forth time each week by using BoostUp. Risk factors are immediately actionable, so my AE's can prioritize at-risk deals. We can now more accurately predict our forecast number!

Tap Into More Predictable Revenue Growth

Would your sales team benefit from real-time insights into pipeline coverage, opportunities, and risks? Unlock the trends and KPIs that drive your growth with our AI-powered Connected Revenue Operations and Intelligence solution.

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