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Understand your Business with Predictive BI Insights

Use the power of custom and out-of-the-box predictive insights to anticipate what’s about to happen and take action before it’s too late. Build trust and alignment across your revenue team and diagnose the health of your accounts, pipeline and forecast.

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Sales Analytics and BI for Everyone

From operations to sales managers and reps, customer success, and marketing, we have the sales analytics, reports, and dashboards needed to drive strategy.

Identify Critical Trends

Enable sales reps and managers to effectively track, evaluate, and enhance the performance of their sales activities while predicting trends and finding relevant insights.

Employ Strategic Conversations

Turn customer data into actionable insights with advanced BI and data visualization metrics and reports. Find insights that drive strategic conversations, improve team performance, and improve win rates.

Drive Predictable Revenue

Enhanced BI and sales analytics identify opportunity and risk in your pipeline and surface the insights needed to drive accurate forecasting and predictable revenue.

Powerful, Actionable Insights at your Fingertips

Use the power of advanced sales analytics, BI and AI to unlock predictive insights. Improve your team performance, pipeline and forecast health.

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Instant Presentation-Ready QBRs and Win/Loss Patterns

Get the complete rundown of your previous quarter, identify common patterns for your won and lost deals, and forecast accuracy. Understand quota attainment, average sales cycle and ACV, and lead source analysis.

Are you Ready to Put your Data to Work?

Get instant visibility into your key revenue performance metrics.

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