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RevOps Command Center powered by RevBI

 Control over revenue, now available to RevOps

 Control over revenue, now available to RevOps

Insights, targets and workflows even reps will use.

Get control of forecasts, pipeline and everything in between within a single revenue experience

1. Data goes in

  • CRM
  • Email & Calendar
  • Data Warehouse
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Success Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Call Intelligence

2. RevBI™ finds signals and enforces process

workflow workflow

3. RevOps get control

  • Time-Series


  • Forecast


  • Pipeline


  • Rep 1:1s

    With Managers

  • Account


  • Capacity


RevOps Command Center

One-stop shop for managers, RevOps and CRO. 

Intuitive, interactive reporting with a point of view on revenue.

  1. Change reporting includes automated snapshots, time-series analysis, change analysis, and trend analysis, with advanced dashboards like Waterfalls and Sanke.

  2. CRM reporting offers full feature BI but which can report on all CRM data without restrictions.

  3. Activity reporting unifies CRM and activity data into one view, customizable on any activity.

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Custom, flexible forecasting reps will use, assisted by AI.

Forecasting and Pipeline Management
  1. AI-powered projections use historical conversion rates across managers, reps and deal-risk factors, to drive accuracy.

  2. Customizable rollups let you set standardized forecasting workflow guidelines by role, profile, business unit and more, regardless of company size.

  3. Forecasting analytics offer fully configurable rollups with hierarchical team views in a single pane of glass.

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A 360° view into deals & accounts with risks & outcomes.

Deal Reviews & Management
  1. Opportunity risk management lets you update and manage opportunities with irrefutable insights.

  2. Pipeline risk scoring intelligently grades the risk of pipeline by stage, close month, seller and risk factors (i.e. inactivity, disengagement, sentiment, etc.)

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Mine for gold in activity data.

Connected Data Engine
  1. Activity data shows you deals at risk from lack of engagement.

  2. Account engagement data lets you allocate resources based on activity.

  3. Leading indicators from rep behavior patterns help you improve rep coaching & performance.

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Kiss your reporting anxiety goodbye.

Get peace of mind with RevBI.

Time-series Reporting

Business Health

Create your own custom metrics and get insights into the health of your business by measuring KPIs with time-series reporting.



Monitor pipeline coverage trends and opportunity attribution along with rep-pipeline health inspections.



Boost forecast accuracy and confidence while reducing RevOps workload. Get your sales leaders and reps to submit their forecasts on time and triangulate with BI metrics to gain confidence.

Deal Reviews

In rep 1:1s

Empower your 1st line managers to dial into deals by inspecting the rep-deal health, activity based risk factors preparing the deal strategy, and understanding patterns of close/won/lost deals.

Account Reviews


Use account insights from activity metrics and other third-party data sources to understand if your prospecting efforts are working or not and plan how to go after accounts.



Use account and rep level activity & engagement data to do smarter territory planning and control costs.

Craving revenue visualizations?

Get standard, revenue visualizations out of the box.

Pipeline Waterfall

How has the pipeline changed in the last week?

Pipeline Sankey

How is pipe progressing stage by stage?

Pipeline Funnel

What is my conversion rate & risk per stage?

Open Pipeline

How is my open pipeline trending for each lead source?

Sales Rep Scorecard

What is my forecast roll up wow and how is it changing?

Health Ratios

What was my win rate, slip rate last quarter?

Reps vs Targets

How are my reps doing against pipe/activity targets?

Rep Attainment

What was the attainment relative to target last quarter?

Rep Pacing

How many meetings, deals are reps working wow?

Flattering words from people just like you.


Evan Randall



We chose BoostUp for its flexible forecating and pipeline management

"After extensively reviewing our options, we chose BoostUp for its flexible forecasting and pipeline management. We believe BoostUp is well equipped to handle the complexity of our business, ingest data from our internal data warehouse, support our teams’ process compliance such as MEDDPICC, and provide context and next best actions all in one intuitive platform."


David Groves



The only complete revenue operations and intelligence platform in a market full of point solutions

"After doing our vendor landscape due diligence, BoostUp was the only complete revenue operations and intelligence platform in a market full of point solutions. We needed one connected revenue intelligence solution that solved all our needs - one built for our entire revenue team to drive forecasting, accuracy in our forecast, and scale deal reviews."


Mike Sitter

VP of Revenue Operations


Actionable and contextual insights that make us win more

"We selected BoostUp because they were the strongest platform we evaluated. They offered us a true partnership and helped us achieve new levels of forecasting rigor and accuracy. Their opportunity insights provide our sales leadership and reps with actionable and contextual insights that make us win more and focus on winnable deals."


Kenny Hsu

VP of Revenue Operations


BoostUp was clearly built by people who know what is required to call a forecast

"BoostUp was clearly built by people who know what is required to call a forecast. They've put at my fingertips, the intelligence I need to call the right number accurately. With BoostUp, we made a giant leap forward and now have a great handle on our pipeline and calling accurate numbers."


Branden Baldwin



They clearly are the market leader in innovation

"I evaluated forecasting vendors at two different companies (Degreed and Balto), and each time, BoostUp was chosen unanimously as the vendor of choice, across Sales and Operations. We've partnered with them as they clearly are the market leader in innovation, always pushing out significant updates every two weeks. No other vendor in this space comes close to that."

What you get from irrefutability on BoostUp

  1. The fastest time from questions to answers through instantly unified sales activity and CRM data
  2. Made for users and easier to launch than traditional BI tools
  3. Pre-built dashboards with time-series metrics and trends on pipeline, forecasts, activity, accounts and deal risks
  4. Customizable to your own metrics on-demand
  5. Drillable insights, from chart→ deals → risk factors → full deal irrefutable insights in seconds
Available with quick launch

No multi-month long sales BI setup

No export/import needed

Data is auto captured, matched and maintained