How BoostUp helped Unily with their SalesOps

Anna-Luisa Fisher-Jeffes, Sales Operations Manager at Unily, delves into the challenges they confronted before integrating BoostUp's platform, highlighting the pivotal impact it had on refining their team's approach to sales reporting and forecasting.

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About the company

Unily is the employee experience platform that connects, informs, and engages your enterprise. As an Intranet-as-a-Service, Unily bridges seamless communication with innovation, promoting productivity across devices and locations. Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft's suite, Unily offers businesses an all-encompassing platform for collaboration, information access, and elevated employee engagement.

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Key challenges


Inefficient reporting and forecasting

Before BoostUp, Unily's reporting platform was missing real-time insights and predictive analytics. Also, they were having a hard time getting deal-by-deal forecasting accurately. The lack of forecasting accuracy had a huge downstream business impact on making informed sales and business decisions.


Lack of deep insights into sales opps

SalesOps team was lacking the insights into opportunities, especially the ability to assess which ones were likely to close or were at risk. Their existing systems provided a view of sales data without in-depth analysis, making it hard to prioritize opportunities and assess engagement risks effectively.


Cumbersome QBRs

Anna and her team were pulling Salesforce reports and doing extensive pivots and graphs for quarterly business reviews. This meant tedious reviews, where data extraction & presentation had been a laborious task, consuming valuable time and potentially leading to data discrepancies.

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“BoostUp helped us run efficient forecasting meetings that are accurate.”

BoostUp has significantly transformed how Anna Fisher Jeffes operates at Unily, enhancing forecasting accuracy and providing deeper insights into sales opportunities.

With BoostUp, manual and disjointed reporting is a thing of the past, and crucial data is instantly accessible.

How BoostUp helped Unily with their SalesOps


Enhanced forecasting capabilities

With BoostUp, Unily's sales team has a significantly improved ability to determine which opportunities are likely to close within a quarter, including retroactively examining past quarters. The engagement risk score feature provides a clearer view of potential risks associated with specific customers or opportunities.


Transformed reporting process

Unily's reporting and forecasting processes have become more structured and disciplined after the adoption of BoostUp by the account executive, sales and business development teams. The entire team now conducts efficient and accurate forecasting on a weekly basis, a practice that was previously inconsistent.


Simplicity & user experience

BoostUp's intuitive platform, with a focus on simplicity and user experience, granted Unily the flexibility to deeply explore their data and extract valuable insights. This ease of use, combined with a wealth of insights and excellent customer service during the implementation phase, made it a valuable platform for Unily.  


“BoostUp has given invaluable insights to the sales leadership and helped us understand the pipeline better.”

Efficiency and accuracy in sales forecasting are crucial. With BoostUp, Anna Fisher Jeffes has found a tool that not only optimizes her workflow but also provides invaluable revenue insights. This has allowed the sales leadership at Unily to have a clearer perspective of their pipeline, ensuring that they're always a step ahead in their strategies. 

How BoostUp helped Unily with their SalesOps

Anna Fisher Jeffes, the Sales Operations Manager at Unily, embarked on a transformative journey with her team in 2021. Upon implementing BoostUp, she remarked, "It's fundamentally changed the way we do reporting at Unily."

Case Study

Before BoostUp, Unily was reliant on a platform that, while visually appealing, lacked the depth of insights they needed, especially in forecasting.

"In terms of the insights... it really was inferior to BoostUp," Anna said.

The introduction of BoostUp provided Unily with newfound clarity. Anna noted, "since we've implemented BoostUp, we've really been able to have a much better grip on which opportunities are likely to close. And, the engagement risk score allowed us to accurately determine which ... opportunities were at risk."

The platform's influence extended beyond mere insights. BoostUp helped Unily change the way they do forecasting as a team.

"Currently we have the whole team doing forecasting on a weekly basis. It has fundamentally changed the way that we do our reporting and forecasting calls. It's a practice that we didn't have a lot of discipline around before."

Asked about her decision to choose BoostUp over other vendors, Anna highlighted BoostUp's customer-first approach, stating that the professional approach to the selling journey instilled confidence in the platform. She also mentioned how much she appreciates Conner Treuhaft, a member of the CS team, for his effective and responsive nature and how much this improves the customer experience of the platform significantly for them.

Moreover, the platform's rich functionality, combined with its simplicity, struck the perfect balance for Unily's needs.

Discussing BoostUp's impact on her role, Anna emphasized its transformative nature. "BoostUp has changed the way I work in many ways," she noted. The platform has made it easier to hold efficient forecasting meetings, facilitated understanding of the sales pipeline, and streamlined the process for quarterly business reviews.

Anna added a note on the platform's widespread adoption at Unily: "The sales leadership and the account executives are the main people who are using it in addition to finance, VP of business development and our head of pre-sales. BoostUp has helped our GTM team align in terms of forecasting and reporting".

She concluded the interview with her notes about BoostUp's new product, RevBI: "The improvements to the platform are evident through RevBI. We are just starting to use it, but I was impressed with the demo and those seem to cover all the small reporting gaps we had before."