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Why Sales QBRs Fail and How to Elevate Them With Visibility & Accountability

Are QBRs a time sink or a catalyst for success? How can we increase visibility and accountability for sales, starting with QBRs? Let's hear it from our all-star panel with four Chief Revenue Officers.



Neel Kamal

CRO | BoostUp.ai


Matt Durazzani

CRO @ Olumo


Charlie Moss



Jason Reichl

CRO @ TrustLayer

Key takeaways from this Mastering RevOps Webinar

Strategic preparation and planning before the QBRs

The importance of preparation and strategic planning for QBRs was a central theme, emphasizing the need to align the QBR's content and structure with the company’s specific goals. This preparation ensures that QBRs are not just meetings but strategic sessions that drive actionable outcomes.

Active participation and engagement from all stakeholders

Active participation and engagement from all attendees were highlighted as crucial for the success of QBRs. Moving beyond traditional lecture formats to interactive sessions, breakout discussions, and the use of enabling technology fosters a more engaging and productive environment.

Accountability and operational excellence

A strong focus was placed on the importance of accountability and operational excellence in the execution of QBRs. This includes setting clear objectives, ensuring follow-through on action items, and leveraging technology for continuous tracking progress post-QBR.

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About this webinar

In this insightful and comprehensive webinar, four Chief Revenue Officers gathered to shed light on transforming Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) into strategic, impactful sessions that drive actionable outcomes.


Central to the discussion were the themes of strategic preparation, active engagement, and robust accountability, each dissected to offer attendees a blueprint for QBR success tailored to their organization's unique needs.

The webinar kicked off with a consensus on the critical importance of strategic preparation. Speakers emphasized that effective QBRs begin with meticulous planning that aligns with the company's stage of growth and strategic goals.


This preparation involves not just logistical arrangements but a deep dive into the substance of the QBR—understanding where the company stands, where it needs to go, and how the QBR can serve as a catalyst for that journey. Highlighted was the necessity of tailoring the content and structure of the QBR to ensure relevance and actionability, moving beyond one-size-fits-all templates to create a session that speaks directly to the company's current challenges and opportunities.

Active engagement emerged as another pivotal theme. The traditional, passive lecture-style format of QBRs was challenged, with speakers advocating for a paradigm shift towards interactive, participatory sessions.


This approach fosters a dynamic environment where all attendees, not just the speakers, contribute to the dialogue, share insights, and collaborate on solutions. The use of technology was underscored as a key enabler of this engagement, with tools that facilitate real-time interaction, feedback, and collaboration highlighted as game-changers for making QBRs more engaging and productive.


Accountability and operational excellence rounded out the webinar's core discussions. The significance of setting clear, measurable objectives for the QBR and ensuring follow-through on the commitments made during the session was stressed. This involves not only defining what success looks like but also implementing systems and processes to track progress, measure outcomes, and hold participants accountable for their contributions. Technology was again spotlighted as a critical ally in this endeavor, offering solutions that help organizations keep track of action items, progress, and results in a structured, transparent manner.

Throughout the webinar, speakers shared real-world examples and best practices, illustrating how companies can navigate the complexities of QBRs to realize their full potential as tools for strategic alignment, team engagement, and organizational growth. The importance of flexibility and adaptability was also touched upon, with an acknowledgment that as companies evolve, their approach to QBRs must also adapt to reflect changes in their business environment, strategic priorities, and team dynamics.

In closing, the webinar offered a holistic view of QBRs, positioning them as not just quarterly meetings but strategic touchpoints that can significantly influence a company's trajectory.


By embracing strategic preparation, fostering active engagement, and ensuring robust accountability, organizations can elevate their QBRs from routine gatherings to transformative sessions that drive clarity, alignment, and actionable insights, propelling the company forward in its growth journey.

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