From Spreadsheets to Automation: Whatfix's Journey with BoostUp

Dive into the story of how Whatfix transformed its revenue operations from labor-intensive spreadsheet management to streamlined success with BoostUp.


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About the company

Whatfix is a data-driven digital adoption platform that enables organizations to maximize the benefits of their software. Whatfix acts as an interactive overlay on top of any application to guide users with real-time guidance, self-help support, and user feedback. Whatfix has seven global offices in the US, India, UK, Germany, Singapore and  Australia, and works with Fortune 500 companies around the world. 


San Jose, CA



Key challenges


Manual processes and spreadsheets

The reliance on manual spreadsheets required significant effort, involving complex mapping and maintenance of multiple tabs filled with intricate formulas. This was not only time-consuming, with weekly updates taking up to two hours, but also prone to errors, affecting the accuracy and credibility of data crucial for revenue operations.


Data staleness and inaccuracy

Before BoostUp, data updates were often done just hours before critical revenue meetings, leading to situations where the sales leadership found the data to be outdated or incorrect. This issue not only undermined the confidence in the sales data provided but also negatively impacted decision-making processes.


Inefficient opportunity management

The process of tracking and managing sales opportunities was inefficient, with sales teams and leaders having to ask basic questions about opportunity status and actions taken. This approach was likened to searching for a needle in a haystack, indicating a lack of visibility and clarity in managing sales processes.

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“With BoostUp, we know where to find the needle in the haystack.”

By replacing inefficient manual tracking with BoostUp's insightful opportunity page, Whatfix enhanced its deal review process, focusing on proactive support rather than just status updates, thereby streamlining sales operations.

How BoostUp helped Whatfix


Working with accurate and real-time deal and forecasting data

BoostUp provides real-time data updates, directly integrating with tools like Salesforce to automatically reflect changes in team structures or other relevant data points. This integration solves the problem of data staleness and inaccuracy, ensuring that sales leaders have access to current and reliable information for making informed decisions.


Enhanced opportunity insights and support

With BoostUp, the focus has shifted from tracking what has been done to understanding how to support sales more effectively. BoostUp offers timelines of meetings, events, and notes, enabling a more informative interaction with sales leaders. This shift allows for proactive support, addressing needs with specific departments and improving sales.


Forecasting and engagement risk identification

The rollups feature of BoostUp provides tailored insights into forecasts, probabilities, and where to focus efforts. Additionally, the feature to identify engagement risks allows teams to verify the accuracy of sales activities against claimed actions, enhancing the reliability of forecasts and the ability to provide timely assistance.


“We went live with BoostUp within five weeks only.”

BoostUp answered Whatfix's challenge of managing complex forecasting requirements within an impressively short timeframe. With BoostUp's rollups page, Whatfix gained precise insights into forecasts, rep performance, and risk engagements, enabling better focus and support during sales cycles.


“BoostUp helps us drive the right seller behavior and provide them with timely support.”

BoostUp has been instrumental in enhancing transparency and accountability within Whatfix's sales teams. Initially met with nervousness, BoostUp eventually became a vital tool for sellers to secure necessary approvals and win opportunities, demonstrating its role in fostering seller confidence and improving organizational support.

How BoostUp Helped Whatfix With Their Revenue Operations

In this transformative operations journey of Whatfix, a leading digital adoption platform, their Senior Manager of Revenue Operations, Rajath KN, tells the story of overcoming operational hurdles and achieving remarkable efficiency in revenue operations with the integration of BoostUp.

Prior to BoostUp, Whatfix grappled with the cumbersome reliance on manual spreadsheets for managing vital sales and revenue data. This method was fraught with challenges, including extensive manual effort in maintaining complex mappings and formulas across multiple tabs, which was not only time-consuming—requiring one to two hours of weekly updates—but also prone to errors that could undermine data accuracy and credibility.

The manual processes led to significant issues, such as data staleness and inaccuracy, particularly problematic during critical meetings where sales leadership would often find the provided data outdated or incorrect. Additionally, the inefficient management of sales opportunities, likened to searching for a needle in a haystack, highlighted a clear need for a more streamlined and effective approach to revenue operations. ...

The adoption of BoostUp marked a pivotal shift in how Whatfix approached these challenges. BoostUp introduced real-time data updates and accuracy, seamlessly integrating with Salesforce to ensure that changes within teams were automatically reflected, thereby eliminating the problems of data staleness and inaccuracies. This improvement significantly boosted the confidence in data used for decision-making processes.

Moreover, BoostUp enhanced opportunity insights and support, transforming interactions with sales leaders from questioning past actions to providing proactive support for current needs. The platform's detailed timelines of meetings, events, and notes fostered more informative interactions, enabling a shift towards assisting sales teams more effectively and strategically.

Perhaps most notably, BoostUp's improved forecasting and engagement risk identification capabilities offered Whatfix a nuanced understanding of sales forecasts, probabilities, and areas requiring focus. The ability to identify engagement risks ensured the reliability of sales activities and facilitated timely assistance, ultimately supporting Whatfix in navigating through complex sales cycles more efficiently.

Through Rajath KN's narrative, it's evident that BoostUp has not just been a tool but a strategic partner in Whatfix's journey to streamline revenue operations. By addressing critical challenges with manual processes, data accuracy, and opportunity management, BoostUp has empowered Whatfix with enhanced operational efficiency, strategic decision-making capabilities, and proactive sales support, illustrating a successful partnership in the realm of revenue operations.