Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I) investment is surging in 2021 and is expected to accelerate. Evolving market conditions, elevated shareholder expectations, a more complex digital buying cycle, and the shift to a digital selling model have put an enormous amount of pressure on revenue teams to deliver accurate forecasting and predictable revenue. 

The complexities associated with digital selling and how organizations forecast have been a big driver in the need for better, more complete and customizable RevOps and forecasting solutions to meet the needs of modern revenue teams. Manual tracking and outdated technology are not scalable or robust enough to meet these needs.

According to Forrester, 79% of organizations miss their forecast by over 10%. The reason - not enough companies have invested or embraced revenue operations and intelligence technology. To thrive in today's B2B environment, it’s not a matter of if you need RO&I technology, but what technology to invest in. Buyers need to balance factors such as cost, risk, flexibility and agility when deciding which vendor is right for them. The traditional mindset and old-school products no longer cut it. 

The Top Five Emerging Value Propositions You Should Evaluate for RO&I

Revenue Operations and Intelligence solutions have captivated modern revenue teams with the promise and ability to provide actionable insights from buying and selling team communications, leading to improved revenue optimization and forecasting accuracy. Leading-edge RO&I solutions deliver:

  1. Real-time revenue engine performance dashboard, metrics and KPIs: 
    • Track any and all important revenue metrics that are essential to your business with a flexible data model that allows you to configure and customize processes, views, reports and KPIs
    • Implement custom forecasts and see how your reps are pacing on any cadence 
    • Define what should be displayed on your forecast roll-ups page, whether it be by region, product line, manager or business type
    • Dive into your overall pipeline health, forecast risk and other key sales performance indicators with pre-built reports available within RO&I solutions
  2. The ability to drive growth with more impactful engagement and risk scoring:
    • Accurately match all engagement to the right contact, opportunity and account at over a 95% accuracy rate
    • Analyze and capture all interactions between the buying and selling team 
    • Measure engagement accurately (whether positive or negative) to provide deeper insights for the selling team
  3. Smart deal forensics make success repeatable and scalable: 
    • Know each deal’s momentum and buying intent 
    • Keep the entire team informed on activity timelines, engagement details, and risk scoring  
    • See deal progression based on sales stages and get involved before a deal stalls
    • Increase the number of winnable deals you can focus on week over week
  4. Greater revenue predictability:
    • Accurately forecast each deal more accurately for 95% forecast accuracy
    • Calculate deal-slip risk for greater confidence in your revenue calculations
    • Improve win-rates and shorten sales cycles with intent data and visibility
  5. Actionable identification of the buying team and associated engagement and sentiment:
    • Know if you’re connecting with the right stakeholders in the account, including the economic buyer, and discover the gaps in communication
    • Track all positive and negative sentiment so sellers can make more informed decisions and prioritize the next steps more effectively

In the Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I), Forrester recognized as a robust platform across all three primary functional requirements:

  1. Engagement and productivity optimization 
  2. RevOps process and forecast optimization 
  3. Revenue analysis and optimization. 

This recognition is coming off the heels of Forrester's Sales Tech Convergence Report earlier in the year, where was named one of the few hybrid Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I) solution providers.

To Get a Better Understanding of this Emerging Tech Category, Listen to Our Recent RO&I Roundtable with Forrester 


  • Forrester, Principal Analyst and lead author of the New Tech Report, Anthony McPartlin.
  • Dan Brayton, VP of Revenue Operations at Iterable.
  • Carlo Caimi, SVP of Strategy and Revenue Operations at Celonis
  • Sharad Verma, CEO and Co-Founder of BoostUp.

Watch the entire roundtable here. 

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