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BoostUp has been consistently named a Higher Performer in Revenue Operations, Sales Intelligence and Sales Analytics categories. Learn why revenue teams rate BoostUp highest in ease of set-up, quality of support, ease of doing business with, product direction, and platform completeness.

Robert Sliker

Director of Business Management | Windstream

Adaptability and customization of the platform to our needs. BoostUp displays the data in a very meaningful way for our sales teams. It creates clarity and alignment across all segments. From forecasting to the progression of a sales cycle. BOOSTUP IS POWERFUL!

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Peter Kokkinos

VP & Managing Director | Udemy

BoostUp gives me and the whole team insights into sales activities and trends that I genuinely hadn't dream of getting access to. We look at our business through an entirely different lens now that we can make proper data-driven decisions.

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Cormack Glass

Vice President, Sales | Sisense

BoostUp is a great new revenue tool for tracking engagement. The engagement scoring is a smart, impressive metric for sales leaders to understand the health of their team's business, while the rep scorecard helps us identifies patterns for sales success. The UI is also clean and intuitive.

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Nicole Olshan

Mid-Market Sales Executive | Udemy

Not usually an early adopter but BoostUp is the easiest Sales tool I have ever taken too. BoostUp was easy to implement into my workflow and really made my time management more productive and efficient.

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Boshra Miarkiani

Sales and Marketing Operations | Edcast

BoostUp is is helpful and insightful. It's forecasting and pipeline conversations made easy. What I like best is: Forecast Waterfall, Forecast Trending, Pacing and Target and the Pipeline Risk Analytics dashboard.

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Georgina Coles

Emerging Account Executive | Udemy

Awesome forecasting and opportunity management tool! love that as a rep with a high volume of opportunities I can easily update all steps and timeframes but also get insight into my forecasting and see where action is needed across my pipeline.

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Brian Strauss

Global VP of Solution Consulting | ContentSquare

BoostUp speeds up sales insight and reinforces qualification. I like the AI aspects that bring in all of the details to support stated deal qualification. It's handy and cuts down on the meetings and cycles needed to get a clearer picture of what is actually going on.

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Justin Gandelman

Manager, Emerging Sales | Udemy

Great forecasting tool for managers! The thing that is most valuable is seeing the pipeline movement over a given time period. What was created? What was pushed? What was won vs. lost? What grew vs. shrank? In SFDC, it's almost impossible to get to this information, and when you have a large team working lots of opps, this view is incredibly helpful.

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Daniel Lynch

Mid-Market, Customer Success | Edcast

There is a certain element of customer success that is not quantifiable- the conversation between customer and company and it's general sentiment. I'm happy that BoostUp has come along and done this, it helps managers sleep easier knowing which of their accounts have churn risk and which don't.

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Erin Anderson

Sales Director | Egnyte

Fantastic insights into your sales pipeline/funnel. BoostUp adds data from SFDC to the actions that your sales rep is or is not taking. As a leader, this gives me true insight into if\how a deal is progressing. If BoostUp says that a deal is at risk, you better investigate!

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Collin Poage

Sr Director of Business Consulting | Degreed

BoostUp helps me stay up-to-date on a complex set of sales cycles. I like that I can quickly search opportunities to understand relevant status, recent communications, next steps and more - while also having the ability to drill into each area for more details and quickly jump to the right opportunity in Salesforce.

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Marlene Levy

Director, Revenue Operations | Udemy

BoostUp is very customizable and easy to use. You can forecast the way you want. I implemented Clari at my last 2 companies and now giving BoostUp a try as we found Clari to miss some key needs year after year.

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Kenny Hsu

VP, Revenue Operations | Auditboard

BoostUp was clearly built by people who know what is required to call a forecast. They've put at my fingertips the intelligence I need to call the right number accurately. With BoostUp, we made a giant leap forward and now have a great handle on our pipeline and calling accurate numbers.

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Vadim Zakiyan

VP, Sales Operations | TripActions

What I like about BoostUp best is their 1) Service/Responsiveness, 2) Deal Insights, 3) Forecasting capabilities. With BoostUp, we've seen a deeper insight into our opportunities, and our forecast accuracy and visibility have greatly improved.

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Mike Sitter

VP, Business Operations | Sisense

The Sankey chart from BoostUp is a powerful tool for understanding how deals are moving through the process and progressing. It's really effective to use during 1:1s in particular. At the management level, we use it to track movement of key strategic deals. Very excited to see more new innovative features from BoostUp.

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Toluna partners with BoostUp to improve its forecast approach and accuracy. Toluna is 5x more efficient and 100% more confident in its forecasting approach and projections with BoostUp.

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