“Being first is a matter of chance. Being the best is what matters in the end.”

It is hard to be a buyer of sales tools.

Any given day Sales Ops receives 10-20 pitches from way too many feature-rich companies chasing limited sales budgets. Execs at high growth top-line obsessed start-ups layer their sales tech-stacks to get every advantage while the rest of the market struggles to fork out an incremental budget for every new point sales tool. Effectiveness for it all — yet to be determined.

Seduced by the $10Bn+ Sales TAM, VCs continue to pour money into every shiny new start-up promising revenue-intelligence nirvana.

Then why start yet another sales intelligence company?

We looked hard at one recurring problem, The Achilles heel of every sales exec team —Inaccurate Sales Forecasting derailing high-velocity teams quarter after quarter.

Sales forecasting in our opinion is fundamentally broken due to:

  1. Lack of diligent CRM usage by sellers. Using CRM data fields for prediction is very easily gamed by sellers.
  2. Intentional and unintentional seller biases cause missed forecasts. 
  3. 80% of the signals needed to call deals early are buried inside of various siloed sales communication channels like emails, calendars, and calls (voice).  
  4. Activity indicators can’t separate good activity from bad, lack context and treat all activity as equal without any regard for actual buying sentiment. 

Thus current CRM data based or non-semantic approaches to sales forecasting barely scratch the surface.

So how do we further equip VP Sales & Sales Ops?

We strongly believe the only reliable way to predict if a deal will truly close on time is to actually examine the content, the words, questions, issues, and sentiment in email and voice conversations. Applying semantic natural language processing across all data sources is what results in accurate and actionable forecast insights.

Thus BoostUp.ai was established — with the premise to be the most Accurate & Actionable sales forecasting solution. To help sales leaders save deals & hit their numbers.

This is being delivered through a predictive sales forecasting platform designed to surface top deals to focus based on the analysis of buyer sentiment, strength of relationships, level of engagement, and adherence to the sales process.

We are building BoostUp.ai for the following 4 reasons—

  1. To most accurately solve sales forecasting predictability: The majority of companies miss their forecast by at least 10%. VP Sales avg tenure has shrunk to 18 months. The problem is real and unsolved, and incumbents working with bad/limited data have largely failed in delivering meaningful lifts in forecasting accuracy.
  2. To help companies shrink their sales stack and go further with their budget: BoostUp.ai has built a multi use-case system of intelligence for sales and post-sales teams. The foundational element of that system is our platform which unifies data from multiple sales communication channels like email, call recordings, call transcripts, calendar, LinkedIn, etc. into a single database.
  3. To deliver measurable ROI in both bottom-line and top-line growth: Not just efficiency. BoostUp.ai is designed to deliver a shorter sales cycle & higher win rate via our early warning signs of risk factors.
  4. To build industry-leading Enterprise AI that learns from every individual customer’s data: An AI system that customers can fully customize, explain and own. At BoostUp.ai we believe that AI is not AI unless it is trained on your data and gets better with more data.

We are grateful to our advisors and investors who have greatly helped us thus far— Jody Shapiro, Perry Germain, Matt Gray, Neel Kamal, Jayant Kadambi, BJ Bushur, Michael Williams, Brad Stone, Diane Updyke, David Kahn, Munish Gandhi, and Rishi Bhargava. Thank you.

Check us out at www.boostup.ai