BoostUp 's Smart Assistance for Reps Dashboard

Your sales reps are facing increasing pressure in this remote and digital era. Sales reps are managing more accounts and opportunities than before. Every account, every opportunity is more important than ever, as purchasing budgets are tighter. Your sales executives are juggling so much and need better tools to help them prioritize their tasks each week. 

Sales reps need a tool that helps them to be more productive and efficient. They need an intelligent sales planner that helps them prioritize their “to-do’s” each week.

Elevating sales rep effectiveness in the remote and digital era.

BoostUp’s “Smart Assistant,” part of the BoostUp productivity suite, is purpose-built to help sales reps stay on task and be more efficient. No more manual task-tracking is needed. BoostUp’s Smart Assistant automatically records, tracks, and assigns to-dos like: prospects you need to follow-up with, meetings with no RSVP, and meetings with no agenda.

Every Monday, your sales reps receive a “personalized email,” highlighting their “to-do’s” for the week. With a simple click, you are in BoostUp, where BoostUp’s Smart Assistant presents you with your “to-do’s” for the week based on your sales activity. The “to-do’s” are personalized to you and help you stay focused on the most pressing tasks. A few examples include:

  • Opportunity contacts that need follow-up: Stay on top of, nurture, and engage your key opportunity contacts.
  • Meetings that do not have an RSVP: Confirm RSVPs, send pre-meeting agendas, and research attendees before the meeting.
  • Meetings that need attention: Never forget to send a post-meeting follow-up again.
BoostUp's Smart Assistant for Reps


Open up your to-do’s directly from BoostUp, quickly send meeting follow-ups, and respond to emails directly from BoostUp. Once you complete a “to-do,” the task is dismissed, and you can move on to the next to-do.

“BoostUp’s Smart Assistant is a life-saver. It helps me stay focused and organized—no need to track email and meeting follow-ups manually. BoostUp provides actionable intelligence that does that for me and helps me save hours each week while being super focused on the more pressing actions.”
Ian Murphy, Strategic Accounts, Branch
Ian Murphy
Strategic Accounts, Branch

BoostUp uses intelligent sales insights to help your sales reps become more productive and efficient. With BoostUp’s Smart Assistant, your sales reps now have a personalized intelligent sales planner that helps them stay on top of their accounts and opportunities. Arm yourself with BoostUp, and your sales team will be more productive and focus on the “right” touchpoints to make each week. 

BoostUp is your reps’ one-stop shop, where they can manage opportunities, submit forecasts, listen to calls, prep for meetings, and get nurture and follow-up insights – all from a single intuitive user interface.

Contact us to learn more about BoostUp and the rep “Smart Assistant” feature.

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