Lost information, lost momentum = lost opportunity.


A reduction of staff equates to a loss of information, loss of context, and a loss of momentum, which will ultimately lead to a lost opportunity and loss of revenue. How do you pick up an opportunity or transfer ownership when the gatekeeper to this information is no longer at the company?  Information not documented, not centralized to the opportunity, and ultimately in the head of your individual sales rep equals lost information and lost deals.

The cold-start problem.

You are required to re-assign these opportunities to new reps cold. Frustration occurs as new reps are left scrambling to find any relevant information on the opportunity and what has happened.  Reps have several options they must think through – mostly poor options.

  1. Reach out to the prospect without any context. Frustration rises both on the seller and the prospect side.
  2. Just sit on the opportunity because they do not know who to reach out to. They have no starting point. The opportunity dies with the previous salesperson.
  3. Fumble through and wing it with the limited information they have – all static, dated, and without context. Puts the deal at risk because you do not know who is the champion or detractor, the nay-sayer.

Meanwhile, your competitor has all contact information, activity, engagement, and sentiment detail in one location. Ask yourself, who has the leg up in this scenario? Who has the best chance to win the deal? 

What if you could avoid this scenario?

The next best thing to having your former rep on the deal is to empower your new rep fully. If you were able to capture every contact, every conversation, and the context of those interactions across EVERYONE on the buying team, would you agree that this would be extremely valuable? 

  • Your reps would easily be able to pick up the opportunity where it was left off. 
  • They would have full context and sentiment for everyone interaction, every touchpoint, and can continue to progress the deal with confidence.

Best of all, your prospect will appreciate this! Nothing is more frustrating to a prospect than having to repeat themselves or have to start the conversations all over again. Eliminating any angst or frustration on the prospect side will only help you win the deal.

Does this technology exist?

Enter BoostUp. BoostUp is designed to capture all contacts, all communications, all engagements, and sentiments from all touchpoints across all the sales tools you use today. BoostUp arms your reps to manage all their existing opportunities and newly assigned ones while ensuring they deliver the most impactful, meaningful conversations possible. No more dropped balls on opportunities.

Arm yourself with BoostUp and don’t lose any critical account knowledge. If you experienced a reduction in sales staff, talk to us. We can help you preserve sales knowledge and deliver the same results with less. Start the conversation by emailing us at demo@boostup.ai.