Marc Andreeson was only partially right about software eating the world. We at are a lot more excited about data-eating software, data making existing software intelligent, and, most importantly, data making humans smarter at their jobs. Today we announced $6.25m in funding led by Canaan Partners with participation from Emergent Ventures, BGV, MFV Partners, Correlation Ventures, AISprouts, and Lorimer Ventures, to make this vision a reality.

Post-cloud workflow generation software like Jira and Salesforce have enabled people to do their jobs more efficiently. But this workflow generation of software has put an enormous burden on users to manually input information for software to be useful. Imagine Jira without anyone creating any tickets, or CRM where no one is adding sales contacts and opportunities. 

Our Journey Started Two Years Ago.

Two years ago, when we founded, we observed this inflating ratio of work done by humans vs. the work done by software. We also noticed that our work was increasingly digital and that digital work produced data naturally (e.g., just working in email and Slack results in data signals naturally). There is a need for the software to become smarter at leveraging that natural data. was born with that insight in mind. takes advantage of this passively-produced natural data, connect it, reduce it to meaningful signals, and push recommendations to users in whichever workflows they live. Our mission is to apply data to make enterprise workers smarter and give them insights they never had before while expecting very little work from them to make that happen. 

And we believe that enterprise revenue is the most impactful function where this connected data intelligence can be applied. Pendo makes product managers smarter and more efficient than before. Datadog makes DevOps smarter about root cause analysis of operational errors.  We designed to make every revenue worker – from lead-gen to sales to renewals to service and support – smarter, more efficient at their jobs with connected revenue data intelligence” at their fingertips. 

Making revenue workers smarter and making enterprises more intelligent is a massive market. Emergent and Canaan agreed with our vision.

Our North Star.

Behind our North Star of making humans smarter with data is the story of grit and grind, as we entered the revenue intelligence market in 2019, where half a billion dollars had already been invested. Ankur Jain at Emergent and Joydeep Bhattacharyya at Canaan understood that workflow generation incumbents were architecturally locked into the “human-inputted data” paradigm and lacked the necessary DNA capitalize on this connected data-driven intelligence market. We are incredibly fortunate to have Ankur and Joydeep on our side.

Further, into our existence, we were fortunate enough to partner with contrarian and unafraid customer innovators – Branch, Iterable, and Toluna. Revenue leaders at these companies bought into our vision and were unconcerned with our somewhat rough-on-the-edges software. They rejected safe-to-buy incumbents for a high-risk relationship with – and we didn’t let them down. They continue to invest in us and us in them.

But ultimately, people make products. Blessed with blitz-scale innovation engineers, who have created our industry-leading platform in less than two years, continues to innovate. We often hear, “You have built a lot in two years!” That is true; we have. Our product, engineering, and design teams are the real heroes in our journey.

Capital is a means to an end. We are happy to have the means, but we are still hungry to innovate and learn from feedback from two years ago. You’ll be hearing from us a lot!

Thank you.

– Sharad, Amit, Neel

BoostUp’s contextual revenue intelligence platform enables companies to drive revenue through efficient and reliable forecasting, from new pipeline to renewals to optimize customer lifetime value. Purpose-built for digital, hybrid, and remote workforces, BoostUp automatically ingests data from dozens of digital channels and business applications. BoostUp then extracts context and sentiment from that data to increase forecasting accuracy, accelerate deals, reduce account churn, and get AI-driven guidance on pipeline gaps. For more information, please visit: