announces Series A Funding.

BoostUp raises an additional $6m in Series A funding, bringing its total raised to $14m to meet the increasing demand for its Integrated Revenue Intelligence & Operations Platform.


I am excited to share that has accelerated to its new chapter of revenue intelligence growth with a fresh round of $6m series A capital. Led by Canaan, Emergent, and BGV ventures, this round raises our total funding to $14m. You can read the announcement from VentureBeat. Don't forget to check out our official announcement here

Thank you to our team, customers, and investors for your belief and confidence in BoostUp since our founding three years ago. I couldn’t be more proud of the grit, tenacity, and dogged pursuit of excellence in execution that Boosters have demonstrated. As the saying goes, ideas are a dime a dozen; it’s the execution that sets great companies apart from good ones.



In the age of digital sales, CRMs are no longer the source of truth, or source of knowledge and predictions, for that matter. Intelligent Revenue Operations is a new category of enterprise software with a $14B+ TAM, and it is only now starting to inflect. Revenue leaders have to do more with less, invest in systems ahead of headcount, and drive predictive forecasting and resource planning. BoostUp has emerged as their co-pilot and a crucial part of our customer’s revenue infrastructure.

Our journey started as a Calls/Deals/Account Intelligence company, a segment now known as Revenue Intelligence. We built our platform for front-line sales managers and reps and then expanded to Forecasting/Pipeline Management, now known as Revenue Operations, built for sales operations teams. In 3 short years, BoostUp has become an enviable platform that is the first to integrate revenue operations with revenue intelligence.

Most sales technologies are poorly adopted. BoostUp is unique in that aspect; by creating a single, common pane of glass for all revenue workers, our platform is naturally adopted as a single source of truth for all data, context, actions, and history.

This is harder than it looks. Our team had to create a common interface that works for all roles - spanning operations and sales. This common workflow works for both producers and consumers of forecasting data. We leverage a data middleware that combines structured and unstructured data, relational and time-series data to turn it into analyzable metrics and dashboards—no easy feat.

We took the hard road and went against the popular advice of being one thing to one role, a narrow application on a narrow use case. Revenue is not optimized via siloed innovations. We created a broad team-centric platform to reflect the underlying collaborative aspects of revenue function spanning pre and post-sales.

BoostUp Sales Deck- Master-Connected RI and Operations


Our customers love BoostUp and are seeing real, tangible results. Our connected revenue intelligence platform is described as “addictive” by sales managers and “game-changing” by sales operations. Some of our customers have 10x’ed the number of weekly deal reviews while others have 2x’ed their forecasting accuracy and saved 100’s of hours per week doing so. Sales managers who use BoostUp report saving 1-3 deals from slipping per quarter.

BoostUp entered the revenue intelligence race three years back with a simple mission. To solve the needs of revenue intelligence leaders, and to provide them with the platform they always wanted. This meant creating a platform that could do the following from day one: 

  1. Be Complete. Be that common pane of glass with all revenue intelligence functionality in a single place... Forecasting, predictive AI, pipeline management, deal management, activity insights, call intelligence, sales BI metrics, meddic process management, and CRM automation.

  2. Be Accurate. Match digital data to CRM opportunities accurately. Great insights come from complete data that is merged correctly (accurately). Email, calls, CRM, and calendar. Both structured and unstructured data. Don’t stop at email headers, go find the context inside the email body. Don’t miss out on call transcripts. Don’t lose sight of rep-logged CRM activities. Get it all in one place.

  3. Be Flexible. A very open, flexible, and self-driving platform. Let revenue leaders instrument their custom forecasting methodology. Every company forecasts in a different way. Every Ops has a custom set of BI metrics. Every sales manager has a different set of deal risk views. There is no one-size-fits-all. 

  4. Be Accessible. Unless insights are delivered in the workflow of sales users, they don’t exist. Make it easy to consume insights via alerts, notifications, and highly intuitive widgets and custom dashboards.

We call it - CAFA - (Complete, Accurate, Flexible, and Accessible), and we believe that the best products do win the category.

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We are just getting started. Our platform will continue to expand to customer success, marketing, capacity planning, and productivity use cases. It will incorporate data sources such as slack/teams and marketing automation. Our vision is to be the best vertically integrated revenue intelligence and management platform and become the absolute market leader of this 14B+ category.

If you want to be the first 100 employees in what will be a $10B+ company in a decade -- Join us. We are hiring in sales, customer success, demand generation, product marketing, and engineering!

To our customers and prospects, keep the feedback coming. Boosters are a hungry and high-velocity bunch, and we stop at nothing.


BoostUp Founding Team 
Sharad, Neel, and Amit.