This year, RevOps leaders need to focus their strategies on digital sales experiences, sales enablement, and forecasting, according to the experts.

Digital Sales Activity

With sales interactions occurring via email, chat, video, and so on, sales has been digitized. Gartner found that 60% of B2B buyers use digital channels throughout their buying journey, meaning that organizations must deliver meaningful digital interactions.

You now need to meet your customers where they are at. Enable the real-time, outcome based experiences that everyone demands."

- Sean Lane, Director of Operations, Drift




Elevate Your Digital Sales Effectiveness captures all of this digital sales activity and understands the context in which it all takes place. Use this information to elevate the effectiveness of sales reps through recommendations that actually progress a deal forward.

Sales Enablement

Contextualsales enablement allows front-line sales managers to effectively coach reps in real-time. These managers must help reps perform outside textbook sales methods and instead in the context of their active sales opportunities. It's time to empower these managers to focus on the true needs of their reps and drive growth.

“If you can solve first-time manager needs, suddenly 80% of a growth strategy is taken care of.”

-Noah Marks, Vice President, Revenue Operations, Udemy


Empower Your Front-Line Managers provides truly actionable data based on sales activities. Managers can instantly understand what reps need to do in order to close a deal and coach those reps to success. Managers with are empowered to accurately review more deals in less time, exponentially increasing their ability to provide valuable feedback that truly influences outcomes.

Sales Forecasting

It's possible to get within 5 percent of your forecasted number, every quarter. Achieve this through deal-by-deal analysis, combined with historical data that is based on truly accurate information.

“AI can review deals on your behalf to find deals and factors that are causing pipeline slippage so you can address it”

- Sharad Verma, Co-Founder & CEO,


Real-Time Sales Forecasting’sAI powered platform constantly compares your pipeline to your forecasting in real-time. Not only that, but it examines pipelines on a deal-by-deal basis to identify the opportunities that are at risk and recommends the actions required to remedy them.

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