Today, I sat down with one of our large manufacturing customers. Their Business Operations and Strategy Manager took 30 minutes to speak with me on the value BoostUp has provided him and his team.  Today’s focus: “Deal Opportunity Review.” Let’s dive in.


Before Implementing BoostUp:

Brandon, BoostUp: In a recent conversation, you told me that you were using BoostUp to lead your weekly deal op review meetings. 

Business Operations & Strategy Manager: Exactly. Before BoostUp, we only saw the information logged, self-reported, and keyed in by our sales reps. So during our deal ops review meetings, it was hard to get an accurate and complete view of account engagement. The lack of visibility presented us with many challenges:

  1. We relied on self-reported activity data, which was often incomplete and provided us little to no value.
  2. Everything was a point-in-time. We weren’t able to see how a deal was trending over-time.
  3. Opportunity deal review meetings were long and tedious. We had to go line by line, opportunity by opportunity, by sales rep.  

To summarize, before BoostUp, it was challenging to know what accounts needed attention or extra focus.

After Implementing BoostUp:

Brandon, BoostUp: What is the purpose of your weekly deal opportunity review meetings?

Business Operations & Strategy Manager: The primary purpose of holding these weekly meetings is to get complete visibility into account engagement, which allows us to identify opportunities that need special attention. From there, remove any hurdles that the sales rep may have, and help the account team move deals towards a close and move to the next opportunity.

Brandon, BoostUp: It sounds like you use BoostUp almost as an auditing tool.

Business Operations & Strategy Manager: It’s not an auditing tool per see, but BoostUp allows us to audit account engagement and deal risk. Before BoostUp, we had listened to each sales rep speak to their opportunities during the deal review meetings. We didn’t have much of any of this information in our CRM or documented anywhere before BoostUp.

Now we have all activities logged into our CRM without any input from the sales rep. Plus, BoostUp, provides us engagement and risk scoring based on the context of those activities. BoostUp allows us during the Deal Ops meeting to look at deal momentum, sales velocity, and BoostUp provides us insight into the risks associated with the deal. It has helped streamline our weekly meetings to be more productive and focus on the “right accounts” – those at high-risk.

forecast_deep-insights_v3 (1)

*Sample demo data. For visual representation only. This is an example screenshot that displays the health score and the risk score for all accounts. This view is often utilized for Deal Ops Review Meetings. 


Brandon, BoostUp: It sounds like your Business Strategy and Operations team leverages BoostUp not only to drive deal opportunity review meetings but also to track deal momentum.

Business Operations & Strategy Manager: Exactly. We use BoostUp to understand what accounts have low engagement, have low activity, or the highest risk. We use BoostUp as a trigger to truly understand what accounts and, therefore, what sales reps we need to follow-up with.

If we see a high-value account that has a “low engagement” or is at “high-risk,” we use BoostUp as the tool to “shine a light” on the situation. We then can dive into that account and look at the emails and other communications to see how we can help move that deal along in the right direction.

BoostUp has allowed us to identify accounts and opportunities that need attention. From that, we can forecast more accurately and have a greater understanding of our pipeline opportunity. 

Brandon, BoostUp: That’s great to hear. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. Before we close, is there anything else you want us to know?

Business Operations & Strategy Manager: Great question, and thanks for allowing us to share our story. Yes, BoostUp has been a life-saver for us, and I can confidently say that we have quickly recouped the investment 10-fold each month by helping move deals along the sales cycle.

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