Typically, high volume mid-market focused sales organizations have hundreds of deals moving within their pipeline. A lot of those deals are the ones where the prospect has no real intent of buying, and those deals are not qualified enough to merit your seller’s continued attention.

Sales managers, on average manage 7- 8 sellers and combined with high deal volume they simply don’t have enough time to review every deal in-depth with every seller.

However, it’s not just a lack of time. As a manager, you are not touching every deal, which means it’s hard to know which deals are qualified, which are not. Also, lack of objective, bias-free data makes it hard to coach the sellers and create a behavior change.

What makes knowing & acting on bad deals so hard?

Selling team’s communication with the buying team runs across multiple channels — email, meetings, phone calls, video, social channels. Multiple stakeholders are involved in each conversation, and data from these conversations reside in siloed systems. A lot of nuances and contexts emerge from these buyer-seller interactions.

The ability to identify bad deals is then dependent on sales managers sifting through reams of data to figure out which deals have real buying intent and which don’t.

That again is impractical. To add to the problem, sellers often misjudge deals due to happy ears, gung-ho optimism, lack of understanding of the buyer’s journey, or plain lack of sales training.

To scale and assess pipeline quality, good sales managers inspect the CRM. But CRM data only reflects the seller’s judgment, not the buyer sentiment. CRMs cannot synthesize, evaluate, and provide quick deal summaries.

So despite their best efforts, managers aren’t able to get a full view of truly qualified deals. And that results in missed quotas, weak pipeline, and inaccurate quarterly forecasts.

BoostUp.ai, with its 360-degree automated deal evaluations, is designed to help sales leaders spot time-wasting-deals early.

By indexing buyer & seller interactions from all communication channels and summarizing the buying signals of each deal, BoostUp.ai provides an instant separation of deals with real buying intent vs. deals that are a waste of time.

BoostUp’s dashboard instantly answers questions like — What is the % of bad deals in the pipeline? Which reps are working the bad deals? How much time is wasted across these deals?

This empowers managers to dig less & coach more. And create a culture where sellers can see deals for what they are and learn to manage their pipelines themselves.

To set up a demo, reach out at demo@boostup.ai.