Back in the mid-90s, CRM systems were built to manage sales opportunities by mirroring the structure of sales teams. This approach worked for a while, especially with the first wave of forecasting tools introduced in the mid-2000s. 

However, as business models evolved, the old systems started to struggle. They couldn’t keep up with the new ways companies made money, from adding customer renewals and expansions or product-driven growth to their projections or helping infrastructure services that use consumption-based forecasting methods.

The root of the problem? 

Legacy forecasting tools are inherently rigid because they're bolted onto CRM systems designed to handle sales-led opportunities. These systems fall short when businesses try to capture forecasts from emerging models based on revenue derived from consumption, renewals or PLG. 

How BoostUp addresses these challenges

BoostUp eliminates these limitations with a next-generation forecasting platform that interfaces directly with your core revenue systems. 

It’s built to connect seamlessly with CRM, customer success, product usage, and resource monitoring systems, making it uniquely equipped to provide a holistic, accurate forecast that accommodates the complexity of your business.

The flexibility of its modern architecture enables teams to build forecasts for any unit, including opportunities, renewals and expansions, new users, workloads or ad units. It can also be adapted for any rollup hierarchy, including the sales organization, accounts, product feature sets, or operating units. 

We connect the dots across your organization in a way that makes sense to your unique revenue model.

Even better, our modern platform gets you up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to implement traditional forecasting tools.

What sets BoostUp apart:

  • Accuracy: Our system matches seller activity to the right accounts and opportunities and uses AI to predict outcomes and compile forecasts accurately.
  • Fastest time-to-value: You don’t need a team of programmers to get started. Our tools are ready to go and easy to use, with no need for costly and time-consuming customizations.
  • Forecast any use case: BoostUp adapts to your revenue models, focusing on any forecast unit or level of hierarchy you prefer. 


We offer a platform that understands how modern businesses operate and evolve with them. Our solution gives you not just speed and flexibility, but also the accuracy and trust you need to make informed decisions and grow your revenue.

To learn more about our platform, you can check out our demo or product tour.