What Changed in my Forecast and Why?

The most vexing question that plagues every forecasting meeting is: “What changed in the commit and forecast since last week and why? Whose forecast projections have gone up and whose have gone down? Which deals that were in last week are out? We could go on and one, but we will stop there. Answering those questions correctly is the bedrock for forecasting accurately and ensuring you hit your targets. 

Knowing what changed and why has always been an arduous, time-consuming task until now. CRMs don’t snapshot deals. Reps don’t remember all the changes they make across deals, and no one has time for endless inquisitions simply to know what’s going on.

That all changes with BoostUp’s Forecast Change Intelligence.

“Detailed change histories have always been a blackbox for Sales and Operations. Until now!”
Stephen Daniels
Head of Revenue Operations, Branch

Real-Time Forecast Changes: Run your forecast meeting more effectively.

BoostUp Forecast Change Intelligence provides you real-time, “x-ray” visibility into not only what has changed (commit, stage, forecast amount, close date) but, more importantly, what led to the change. 

Quickly inspect the pipeline drops, reps whose forecasts have dropped, deal by deal changes, and catch the over-optimistic and sandbagging behavior.

More specifically:

  • Discover what has changed in the roll-up or submitted forecasts since the beginning of the month/quarter or since the last review.
  • Discover what deals have increased or decreased in value and discover what led to the change.
  • Discover which deals have changed, which rep’s forecast commit has declined, which manager has increased their pipeline.
“I have seen it and like it! It’s the most efficient way to understand pipeline changes and the overall forecast in mere seconds. Great forecasting is all about speed, especially because a forecast is a point-in-time endeavor. BoostUp’s UI provides that instantaneous snapshot of where we currently sit, what changed, and what led to the change. It’s the first product I have seen do this at this level and do this well."
Stephen Daniels
Head of Revenue Operations, Branch

No more flying blind or running ad-hoc analyses.

Sales forecasting is the most critical process for sales leadership to set realistic revenue goals, create targeted sales strategies, and effectively manage their teams and resources. Being able to forecast new business and renewals from one place is becoming more crucial than ever for that reason.

BoostUp offers the only complete, integrative forecasting software that allows you to centralize your forecasting and standardize your weekly forecast submissions process for new business and renewals. With BoostUp, submit your numbers easily, override deal amounts, keep track of who made the updates, and get insights into forecast changes.

BoostUp helps you run your forecast meeting more effectively, discover, and diagnose problems faster, and makes you more accurate and reliable in your forecast. 

Contact us to learn more about BoostUp.ai at demo@boostup.ai.

About BoostUp

BoostUp’s contextual revenue intelligence platform enables companies to drive revenue through efficient and reliable forecasting, from new pipeline to renewals to optimize customer lifetime value. Purpose-built for digital, hybrid, and remote workforces, BoostUp automatically ingests data from dozens of digital channels and business applications. BoostUp then extracts context and sentiment from that data to increase forecasting accuracy, accelerate deals, reduce account churn, and get AI-driven guidance on pipeline gaps. For more information, please visit: www.boostup.ai.