RevBI ImageImagine you’re a RevOps leader in 2023. 

You wake up to a flood of requests from sales, marketing, and customer success teams, for metrics, reports, system fixes and actionable insights. You take a lot of those requests to a central data or BI team, and then slog through a cycle of waiting, back and forths, requirement changes, surprise emergencies, etc.

Then you try to identify root causes and implement the necessary changes, which creates bottlenecks and too often wastes valuable resources.

It’s a cycle that repeats itself in an infinite loop, especially on the BI side.

This is the problem we’ve invested millions of dollars and man-hours into solving. And we can finally introduce you to the game-changing innovation those millions have created: RevBI. 

The Pain of Traditional RevOps

Your existing tech stack might fall short of the ideal for any of these reasons:

  • Existing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can be slow and cumbersome, often leading to low adoption among teams. 
  • Building a new BI stack from scratch is not only expensive but it requires a high level of expertise. 
  • Spreadsheets are a quick and easy default, but they're prone to human error and don't offer the efficiency most of you increasingly require. 
  • And while it’s great for standardized reporting, Salesforce still doesn’t hit the mark when it comes to embedded targets and advanced reporting, visualizations, and insights.

So, what alternatives do you have?

Your RevOps Game Changer is RevBI

The reality is, most revenue teams lack control. 

What does “control over your metrics” look like as a RevOps leader?

We’ve asked hundreds of leaders that same question, and broadly speaking, control looks like creating, modifying, and analyzing data without relying on a central data team.

It involves getting instant answers – especially to questions you can’t easily answer, or answer at all, in CRM today – with the ability to implement changes without creating bottlenecks. 


That kind of control would mean your team doesn't just use the same technology—they’d need to work in it, work from it, and vouch for it.

That’s always been the promise, but reality has almost always failed to fully deliver. 

But that promise is exactly why we built RevBI for RevOps.

RevBI transforms the old game of legacy BI and other systems—with their disconnected data, poor adoption, delays to implement critical metrics, like time-series, and high cost of ownership—into a streamlined, efficient, and empowering process.

RevBI gives you pre-connected data and a UX built specifically for revenue teams and their goals. That matters because it’s what drives adoption with near-instant insights, gives you pre-built time series reports with targets, and lets you create metrics with clicks, not codes. 

The Power of BoostUp's RevBI

As an engine for the RevOps Command Center, RevBI accelerates the delivery of your most critical revenue insights and simplifies the adoption of mission-critical processes. 

Kenneth Pouliot - RevBI Launch Ambassador Template

It powers three core BoostUp modules: RevBI Advanced Analytics, Deal Review and Management, and Forecast Intelligence and Management. With an embedded warehouse that pre-connects sales activity, CRM, and 3rd party data, it converts data into near-instant insights with out-of-the-box visualizations.

The flexibility of the platform and the ease of creating custom metrics make adoption seamless, increase predictability and forecast accuracy, and give RevOps teams the ability to proactively improve revenue performance.

Kenneth Pouliot, the CRO of SheerID and one of our first beta customers said, “RevBI has given my team and me the ability to see things 4x faster than our old approach, allowing us to lose fewer deals and change tactics as rapidly as the microelements in our market change. Combine this with their extraordinary support and BoostUp became a must-have in your sales tech stack."

Ben Schafer - RevBI PR Testimonial

Ben Schafer, Global Sales Operations Manager at Udemy is another revenue leader who experienced RevBI as a beta customer: "I've seen firsthand how RevBI eliminated the need for complex programming or manual calculations. With RevBI's pre-built, ready-to-use metrics, we are empowering more strategic decision-making and less data wrangling. We're doing more with less by increasing both sales efficiency and operational rigor with our RevBI rollout."

What’s next?

RevBI represents a new era for RevOps, where inefficiency and frustration give way to empowerment and seamless execution. 

With RevBI, we're not just changing the game but rewriting the rules. 

We invite you to explore the power of RevBI and witness firsthand the changes it can bring to your revenue operations.

RevBI is now available at RevBI for RevOps

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