Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is not just another fancy job title. It's quickly ascending to one of the most sought-after roles in the US business landscape. 

But why the sudden rush? 

RevOps represents the strategic unification of sales, marketing, and customer success operations. By breaking down traditional silos and ensuring a coherent approach from initial engagement to sustained retention, businesses realize the true potential of streamlined operations and maximized revenue.

The RevOps challenge

Transitioning into or evolving within RevOps can sometimes feel like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from different sets. Here’s why:

  • Shifting Sands: The RevOps domain isn't static. Its dynamic nature and evolving best practices mean continuous learning and adaptation.
  • The Balancing Act: Managing current operations while pioneering innovative strategies can be a tough juggle.
  • Team Tango: Collaboration with multifunctional teams is crucial, ensuring every strategy and execution is in harmony.

Introducing’s RevOps Masterclass

We’ve curated a reservoir of RevOps wisdom from some of the most successful RevOps professionals. 

You can dive immediately into our 10 power-packed courses, teeming with insights from industry pioneers. And this is just the beginning—an additional 20 courses are currently under development.

Here is the list of courses in this first phase waiting for you:


  • Intro to RevOps
    • Introduction to Revenue Operations
  • Sales Operations
    • Sales Structure and Org Design
    • Capacity Planning
    • Territory Formation
    • Account Planning
    • Compensation Planning
  • Marketing Operations
    • Operational Cadence for Marketing Teams
    • Campaign Operations
  • Customer Success Operations
    • Client Success Operations: Tying Client Health to Revenue
  • Systems and Tools
    • Evaluating Your Commercial Tech Stack and Systems

Why our Masterclass isn’t just another course

  • Elites as Guides: Engage with lessons delivered by CROs, VPs, and Directors, tapping into their decades of expertise.
  • Tales from the Trenches: It’s more than just theory. Our modules are rich with real-life anecdotes, offering clarity on RevOps complexities.
  • All Set for Action: Every session gives you actionable insights, allowing immediate application in your RevOps initiatives.

What our instructors are saying

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The realm of RevOps is vast, and the challenges are many. But with the right resources and guidance, the path becomes clearer and the journey smoother. 

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