September 27, 2022

Why Revenue Operations and Intelligence Platforms are now a requirement

Optimize your entire organization with a single platform.

Think of the information that consumer companies can leverage as they target you.

They have endless amounts of data - your location, your interests, places you’ve visited, your past purchase history, the products you’ve looked at, and so on. 

With all of this information, they deliver you the most relevant ads and offers that make you want to buy. Many times, they know you want something even before you do.

It's so effective, that it’s table stakes for every consumer company.

Now, what if B2B companies could utilize the same strategies to increase their chances of winning a deal?

Fortunately, the time has come. That’s why Revenue Operations and Intelligence platforms are now no longer an option when. Every B2B organization should be using some form of RO&I tool.

Why? These platforms collect the massive amount of information generated during the B2B sales process. From site visits, emails exchanged, meetings had, and conversations that took place. 

They piece it all together to provide end-to-end insights into the sales pipeline, and individual deals, allowing sellers to work with customers in a highly targeted way to close deals better.

Revenue Operations and Intelligence Platforms Make Sense of Your Data

"All it is is your customer or your prospect and the multiple dimensions of you data and information about them."
Evan Randall, SVP Worldwide GTM Strategy and Operations, Teradata

From marketing to sales and customer success, you’re probably using a multitude of tools that generate a massive amount of data. From ad clicks, site visits, and content downloads, to sales data like email opens, meeting set, and information sent, and onward through usage, and activation, this data is a goldmine of insights.

However, most of the time, this data is siloed into different pillars or piped into Salesforce where it is difficult to utilize and extract insights.

Revenue Operations and Intelligence Platforms instead ingest all of this data and use AI and machine learning to uncover what is going on. As Evan says, “We’re gathering all this information, now we need to put it all together, tell a story, and deliver it to a rep so they can make sense of it.”

Instead of sellers flying blind (or even partially obscured), RO&I tools quite literally tell them the best next steps to take, based on models of optimal deal outcomes gathered from the data all your tools are generating.

Supercharge Your Revenue Engine

"Tech is not a silver bullet, but when paird with enablement, the right go-to-market strategy, and the right alighnment across functions, then you have the ingredients for transformation."
Anthony McPartlin, Lead Analyst, Forrester

By gathering and collecting the aforementioned information from the entire sales cycle, you can go beyond optimizing single-deal outcomes and instead create the entire revenue engine, says Anthony.

Teams can take a macro approach with the data gleaned from Revenue Operations and Intelligence platforms to transform their entire revenue process, from initial sales to retention and renewal.

The data from RO&I tools also positively impact marketing and customer success teams, helping them refine their strategies to maximize outcomes. Combine that with an improved sales function, and you have an unbeatable revenue-generating machine.


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