10 Metrics to Drive Sales Forecast Accuracy


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Measure your Forecast with these Metrics

The one way to guarantee an accurate sales forecast is to properly triangulate and verify your prediction. After all, if you are measuring sales performance, you also should be monitoring forecast performance. When it comes down to what KPIs to use, operations leaders who regularly achieve a 95% (or greater) forecast accuracy swear by the following 10 metrics.

  1. Current Quarter Pacing
  2. Historical Pacing
  3. AI Projections
  4. New Pipeline Expected
  5. Pipeline Coverage
  6. Next Quarter Pipeline
  7. Committed/Best Case Roll-Ups
  8. Manager/Rep Roll-Ups
  9. Submission and Override History
  10. Big Deal Dependence and Slips

In the guide, you'll learn how to use them to triangulate your forecast and make your most accurate sales projection yet.

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Stephen Daniels

Stephen Daniels Head of Revenue Operations | Branch

BoostUp has saved us 20 hours a week in forecasting preparations and we are significantly more accurate and confident in our projections. I can inspect pipeline in 1/10th of the time, call deals 2x more accurately, which helps us as an organization forecast more efficiently and reliably. Our sales leaders now have an excellent lens to evaluate deal risks instantly.