Adapting a Digital Mindset in B2B Sales

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The Future of B2B Sales is Now Present.

B2B Sales has changed dramatically due to COVID and the impacts that it has had on the workforce. It also seems that those changes are here to stay. Now, most or nearly every interaction between you and your sales team is remote. Every touchpoint takes place digitally. Revenue teams, including sales, are having to find new ways to interact with each other. You can no longer simply stop by your sales rep’s desk or meet face-to-face unless you count digital, video interactions using applications such as Zoom.

This transformation has led to a shift in the role of sales reps. Gartner has found that 60 percent of B2B buyers use digital channels throughout the buying process, and spend only 17 percent of their time meeting with suppliers versus 27 percent of their time research on their own. Sales reps are no longer the only channel B2B sales, they are simply a channel.

Learn COVID’s impact on B2B sales, digital selling’s role of remote sales management, enablement and operations role in B2 sales, and get insights on BoostUp’s perspective and role in digital sales.

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TJ Williams

TJ Williams Chief Revenue Officer | Degreed

The RevOps solution provider we leveraged before never delivered the value we had hoped for. We did a scan of the market and BoostUp had everything that we wanted. It is really simple to use, moved us away from spreadsheets completely, something that sales reps could find a lot of value in, and really helped us in forecasting.