Unlock New Revenue By Empowering Sales Leaders in 2022

Listen to HackerOne CRO Marjorie Janiewicz (Toucas) and BoostUp CEO Sharad Verma as they discuss tips and tricks to secure new revenue opportunities through sophisticated forecasting and real-time sales insights.

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Unlock New Revenue By Empowering Sales Leaders in 2022.

October 19, 2021 | 11 am PT | 2 pm ET

No two companies are the same, so when it comes to expansion, growth, and scale, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Starting points, strengths, weaknesses, and end goals are all different.

The key to a successful growth strategy is to collect, measure, and track the right data for your business, then empower sales leaders to drive change. But, the data you capture depends on where your business currently is, and where you want to go.

Join Marjorie Janiewicz, CRO of HackerOne, and Sharad Verma, CEO of BoostUp for an exclusive fireside discussion focused on the data your company requires to expand, and how you can use it.

Many organizations’ growth strategies include expansion into new segments. But how do teams account for the various data sources and business models when it comes to forecasting and goal setting? Once data is secured, it’s up to the sales team to generate success in these new segments, or with a new strategy. With that, the role of the sales leader has changed. 


Sales leaders must drive front-line success but now have a higher-level responsibility. They must transition from the role of the scorekeeper to the coach, says Majorie. In the past, sales leaders had to be experts at inspecting a forecast, but now they must merge forecasting and coaching into one. 

Key Discussion Points Include:

  • The right data to track to expand SMB, mid-market and enterprise segments, how do you know you are ready to expand geographically?
  • How to forecast across multiple business segments
  • Empowering Sales Leaders with data
  • How Sales Leaders should use data to drive sales success
  • Merging coaching, deal inspection, and forecasting

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David Groves

David Groves VP, Worldwide Field Operations | ContentSquare

After doing our vendor landscape due diligence, BoostUp was the only complete Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I) platform in a market full of point solutions. We needed one connected revenue intelligence solution that solved all our needs - one built for our entire revenue team to drive forecasting, accuracy in our forecast, and scale deal reviews.