Built for Hyper-Growth: The Tool Kit for your Revenue Team

Listen to Adam Tesan, CRO of Chargebee, and Sharad Verma, CEO of BoostUp, discuss enforcing process control, change management, and tool stack adoption as your scale.

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Built for Hyper-Growth: The Toolkit for your Revenue Team

The good news is that you are growing really fast. The bad news is you are growing fast. So how do successful hypergrowth companies manage their growth? First, the starting point is to look at your data, processes, tools, enablement, and training.  

Hypergrowth introduces new complexities, including launching new products, entering new verticals and markets, and initiating new GTM motions. All of these things require lots of change management, process control and enablement through training and tools.

Amid this change, it’s critical to re-evaluate your tech stack to ensure you have the right tools for success. For example, it’s time to look at sales tech consolidation, and it’s absolutely critical you get adoption across your sales stack.

Join Adam Tesan, CRO of Chargebee, and Sharad Verma, CEO of BoostUp, for an exclusive fireside chat focused on enforcing process control, change management and tool stack adoption.

Key points of discussion include:

  • Building an adaptable tech stack that scales with your business
  • Sales tools that empower your team to succeed
  • Scaling your revenue enablement function effectively
  • Establishing alignment between teams and data as you scale fast
  • Ensuring forecast accuracy during rapid growth & change

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