Forecasting Masterclass: Unlock the Secrets to 95% Accuracy



Watch our webinar with Leaders from Salesloft, JFrog, Seismic and BoostUp to learn:

  • Sales forecasting best practices for total confidence in your forecast.
  • Forecasting methods for 2021 and beyond.
  • How to leverage digital data for 95% forecast accuracy, consistently.
  • Why it's time to move away from spreadsheets, and where forecasting is headed.

When’s the last time you felt 100% certain about your forecast? It’s time to eliminate uncertainty forever. 

Sales forecasting has existed for centuries, yet it still has not been perfected. Sales, operations, and revenue leaders constantly strive for more accurate, reliable, and dependable forecasts. 

Today, sales forecasting requires more than just a CRM, spreadsheets, and some gut feelings. B2B sales has experienced a fundamental shift in the way it has been conducted. It has gone completely digital and entirely asymmetrical. So, why are you still using the same forecasting methods? 

Join revenue experts from Salesloft, JFrog, and BoostUp as they cover their forecasting best practices to eliminate uncertainty from your forecast, as well as why it’s time to drop the spreadsheets and start using revenue intelligence. 

With revenue intelligence, you can automate your sales predictions and create your most accurate forecasts ever. Teams using revenue intelligence see 95% forecast accuracy, save 25 hours a week and are able to review 10X the amount of deals.


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Navid Zolfaghari

Navid Zolfaghari VP, Sales, Americas | Branch

BoostUp measures deal risk based on engagement and the sentiment of those engagements. Risk scoring allows me to identify, track, and impact deal momentum quickly, which saves me hours a week. Additionally, we are more confident in our forecasting and we are much more reliable.