The Next Frontier in Predictive Forecasting: Deal-by-Deal Forecasting

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Deal-by-Deal Forecasting

The complexities of modern business have made sales forecasting more difficult than ever. Past models like pipeline, category, and pacing-based forecasting are beyond inaccurate, to the point where they have become a waste of resources.

A study by Upland Software concluded that, “We’ve established that salespeople spend about 2.5 hours each week on sales forecasting, and for most companies, the forecasts are less than 75% accurate. When success or failure is usually measured in margins far less than 25% – these forecasts are truly worthless.”

Thankfully, the current state of technology now allows for the most accurate forecasting method to be employed at scale. So how can companies get the most accurate forecast possible? Teams must invest in deal-by-deal forecasting.

Learn why deal-by-deal forecasting is the future of predictive forecasting and how it leads to greater accuracy in your forecast. Download the guide.

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Stephen Daniels

Stephen Daniels Head of Revenue Operations | Branch

BoostUp has saved us 20 hours a week in forecasting and we are significantly more accurate and confident in our projections. I can inspect pipeline in 1/10th of the time, call deals 2x more accurately, which helps us as an organization forecast more efficiently and reliably. Our sales leaders now have an excellent lens to evaluate deal risks instantly.