Revenue Excellence in 2021: 4 Stages Defined


Join Sharad Verma, CEO and co-founder of BoostUp, and Mallory Lee, Sr. Director of Revenue Operations at Terminus, to discuss what Revenue Excellence looks like in 2021 and what organizations can do to build towards revenue excellence.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • What is Revenue Excellence in 2021
  • What stages make up the Revenue Excellence Maturity Model
  • Where you fall in terms of Revenue Excellence
  • How to set your company up for revenue success in 2021


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Navid Zolfaghari

Navid Zolfaghari VP, Sales, Americas | Branch

BoostUp measures deal risk based on engagement and the sentiment of those engagements. Risk scoring allows me to identify, track, and impact deal momentum quickly, which saves me hours a week. Additionally, we are more confident in our forecasting and we are much more reliable.