Sales Forecasting Vendor Comparison Worksheet

Forecasting Vendor Evaluation Worksheet + Scorecard

So, it’s time to evaluate forecasting platforms. If you’re reading this, you’re either looking to replace your existing platform or you’re implementing your very first. Regardless of the case, the goal of this worksheet is to help you find the best forecasting vendor for your needs.

In this situation, it is also imperative to consider the future. The revenue function is at an inflection point today. Technology is fundamentally reshaping the way sales, marketing, and customer success teams work through advanced computing, AI, and other innovations. The result is a shift in the structures, strategies, tactics, and workflows of each function.

Use this worksheet and accompanying scorecard to quickly compare forecasting platform providers with weighted values to determine which is the best for your unique needs.

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Tammy Broussard

Tammy Broussard Sales Director | Edcast

BoostUp has made deal-by-deal opportunity management much simpler, which has made our forecasting projections significantly more accurate and something we can truly trust. It allows me to prioritize at-risk deals and coach more efficiently. And the really good reps have adopted BoostUp as it gets them insights into their deal activity and allows them to sell more effectively.