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In an overlapping market, learn why the connected revenue intelligence and operations market will lead the way forward.

Revenue intelligence platforms stand to transform B2B sales. So much so, having one is now table stakes. Placed squarely at the center of the revenue process, revenue intelligence impacts decision-making across marketing, sales, success, enablement, and operations.

The insights provided by revenue intelligence improve sales effectiveness, reduce costs, and increase customer retention by making data more accurate, timely, relevant, and actionable to maximize outcomes.

The impact is so great that 53% of organizations have already adopted these platforms. Yet the revenue intelligence continues to surge, evolve, and change. A lack of definition exists, causing confusion and ruining an organization's chances of adopting the right platform for them.

Learn why Revenue Intelligence is captivating and SalesTech is converging.

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Marco Pasqualina

Marco Pasqualina SVP & Head of Sales | Toluna

With BoostUp, we now have a complete picture of accounts, opportunities, and associated contacts across the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to advocacy. This has made us easily 5 times as efficient, 2x more confident in our forecasting approach and projections, and we shaved off 20 hours a month in our forecasting preparations.