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Uncover the Risk in Your Pipeline & Forecast

Want to know where the RISK is in your team's Pipeline and Forecast? BoostUp's Quarterback will surface the ‘BS’ and upside in your pipeline, key deals at risk, your win/loss patterns, and reveal a path to hitting your number.

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Stop Guessing. Uncover the RISK in your forecast and win more deals.

BoostUp will collect data from your CRM and Email to reveal risk from the engagement and sentiment signals between the buying and selling teams. BoostUp's Quarterback is a very light touch "Intelligence as a Service" solution that works in the background. No extra work or user rollout is required.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Risk profile for your current quarter pipeline
  • Key deals at risk and potential upside
  • High and low performer patterns and analysis 
  • Actionable next steps to hit your forecast

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